Press Releases


October 17, 2002

"Incinerator Wall Protectors" Released:
Offering Excellent Clinker Adherence Prevention and Detachment
Effective in Operation of Refuse Incinerators without Dioxin Emissions

Kurita Water Industries Ltd., headed by President Takahide Santo, will be releasing the "Hatsuri Cut" series incinerator wall protectors excellent in clinker adherence prevention and detachment inside refuse incinerators. This product has been developed through a venture with Fuji Finetech Co., Ltd., which is headed by President Yoshinobu Shiromizu and located in the city of Kita-Kyushu. The company has verified the safety of the material and established a technology for application with combustors and gas cooling towers.

In recent years, combustors have been operating at high temperatures to prevent dioxin emissions from refuse incinerators. This high-temperature operation accelerates the deterioration of refractory materials such as bricks inside incinerators in a process called chemical denudation and undermines the durability of the refractory materials. It also results in increased adherence of clinkers, ash from molten garbage, and more frequent removal work. This removal work is mainly carried out by human labor and requires comprehensive safety management for workers. That in turn increases the costs of clinker removal.

Two incinerator wall protector models have been released: "Hatsuri Cut RM 1" and "Hatsuri Cut RM 1G." Hatsuri Cut RM 1 is designed for the inside of incinerators such as fluidized bed stoker incinerators, while Hatsuri Cut RM 1G is for the gas cooling towers of fluidized bed incinerators. Both products are brand-new special heat-resistant ceramic coating materials with more than ten ingredients specially blended and with a special binder added to the aqueous solution. They can be applied using a brush or sprayed onto the surface of refractory materials. When the incinerator is in operation, they solidify with heat to form a rigid ceramic membrane. This is not only effective for preventing the chemical denudation of refractory materials but it is also excellent in preventing clinker adherence and abrasion. The products have been tested at 35 sites, producing outstanding results. These Hatsuri Cut series products represent a truly remarkable breakthrough.

For further information, please contact:
Environmental Business Division, Kurita Water Industries
TEL 03-3347-3390