Press Releases


January 29, 2003

Notice on Purchase of the Company's Own Stock on the Market (Acquisition of the Company's Own Stock pursuant to Article 210 of the Commercial Code)

We hereby notify you that Kurita Water Industries, Ltd. has purchased the Company's own stock on the market as follows pursuant to the provision of Article 210 of the Commercial Code.

Details of the purchase:

  • Period of purchase:
    From December 26, 2002 to January 28, 2003
  • Number of shares purchased:
  • Total cost:
  • Method of purchase:
    Purchase on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Details of the resolution at the 66th general shareholders' meeting held on June 27, 2002

  • (1)Type of shares to purchase: Common stock of Kurita Water Industries, Ltd.
  • (2)Total number of shares: 13,000,000 shares (upper limit)
  • (3)Total value of shares: ¥20 billion (upper limit)

Cumulative result of progress from June 27, 2002 as of January 28 , 2003

  • (1)Cumulative number of shares acquired: 1,579,100 shares
  • (2)Cumulative share acquisition cost: ¥1,784,933,900