Press Releases


April 4, 2002

The Establishment of an Ultra Pure Water Supply Company in Singapore

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku, Tokyo. President: Mr. T. Santo) established a new company in Singapore, KURITEC SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. (KTSP) to provide Ultra Pure Water (UPW) and also a new business model: Design/Build Own and Operate Maintenance (BOOM). AFPD PTE. LTD. (AFPD) has now become a customer of the Kurita Group and so UPW Systems, plus Water Supply Business activities will also begin.

In March 2001, TOSHIBA CORPORATION and MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL Co., LTD., invested by collaborating to establish in Singapore a Low Temperature Polysilicon Liquid Crystal Display Company, AFPD PTE., LTD. (AFPD). In turn, AFPD then became a customer of KTSP. Following on this year, April 1st, AFPD opened its' overseas industrial manufacturing base, TOSHIBA MATSUSHITA DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. by merging the Liquid Crystal Display Business' of TOSHIBA CORPORATION with MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd.

KTSP will supply UPW systems, Dissolved gas UPW systems, Wastewater recycle systems, Wastewater treatment systems, and provide a supply of Water Treatment facilities plus any financial funds. Also in addition, KTSP will also carry out all of the necessary construction work. The equipment used will remain the property of KTSP and the operation management and maintenance will also be the responsibility of KTSP. It will be totally managed and maintained as the business of KTSP so that the company will then charge only that UPW supplied to the customer.

This new enterprise will be purveyed to the customers as OUTSOURCING, and the merits of it are such that, investment in equipment costs are lowered, a stronger financial situation is created for the customer and most importantly, that overall costs for each project are reduced.

For the Kurita Group, this business activity is being continued so that it can grow stronger, and the company is looking at changing "How to Sell" and "What to Sell" so that it can become a reliable business source. This activity has now developed into a Water Treatment Business Model, whereas it was originally composed of separate entities: A Facility Supply Business and a Maintenance Business. This in turn will be of a higher value to the business of the customer with lower costs.

KTSP is now positively proposing this business to all customers to meet all their needs because the results can be examined and analysed.