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November 1, 2019

Kurita Water Industries Establishes Kurita Kitakantou Co., Ltd. to Provide Comprehensive Water Treatment Solutions
—Integrating Provision of Water Treatment Chemicals, Equipment and Maintenance Service in Saitama and Ibaraki—

Kurita Water Industries ("Kurita"; Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Michiya Kadota) today announced that it established a new company, Kurita Kitakantou Co., Ltd., which will provide water treatment chemicals, equipment, and maintenance services for water treatment facilities in the Kitakantou region (Saitama and Ibaraki Prefectures), effective November 1.

Kurita has been promoting the reorganization of the domestic sales network to build a system for promptly providing a wide range of solutions to a variety of water treatment issues of customers. Kurita Kitakantou will accelerate the development of comprehensive solutions that will integrate water treatment chemicals and maintenance services in Saitama and Ibaraki Prefectures. Kurita aims to increase its closeness to customers by resolving issues flexibly at their request and promoting more finely tuned proposals and to provide services that are the most suitable for customers and more valuable solutions.

Kurita Kitakantou will develop a service agreement-based business model in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, automobile and infrastructure, to create customer value, such as a reduction in the amount of water used, water recovery, a reduction in energy use, an improvement in productivity at the entire plant, in response to customer needs and potential issues related to utility facilities, including water purification systems, boilers and cooling water facilities, and production processes by combining the products and technologies that the Kurita Group has and taking advantage of remote monitoring systems using the IoT. In this way, Kurita Kitakantou will expand its solution business in the operating region.

In its medium-term management plan, MVP-22 (Maximize Value Proposition 2022), the Kurita Group identifies social challenges to focus on, that is, solving issues related to water resources, realizing sustainable energy use, reducing waste, and advancing industrial production technologies, and is focusing on creating shared value with society. The Group aims to focus on services based on comprehensive solutions and change its business model to the one that will create new value, following the establishment of the new company.

The Group will fulfill its mission of creating shared value with customers by society and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, using its knowledge and expertise about water and the environment accumulated over 70 years since its foundation.

Profile of Kurita Kitakantou Co., Ltd.

Name of company Kurita Kitakantou Co., Ltd.
Location (head office) 9-15-3 Shinshiraoka, Shiraoka, Saitama
Representative Yusuke Ushijima
Paid-in capital 10 million yen (a wholly owned subsidiary of Kurita Water Industries)
Operating region Saitama and Ibaraki Prefectures
Business Provision of water treatment chemicals, equipment and maintenance services for water treatment facilities.
Number of employees 30