Press Release


February 29, 2016

Announcement of Changes in Representative Director (Appointment of New President)

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce that a meeting of its Board of Directors on February 29, 2016 resolved to make the following changes in representative directors.

1. Personnel changes

Name New position Current position
Michiya Kadota President and Representative Director Director
General Manager of Administrative Division
Toshiyuki Nakai Chairman and Director President and Representative Director

2. Scheduled date of appointment

April 1, 2016

Supplementary Material

1. Reason for appointment of new president

The Kurita Group launched Competitive Kurita 2017 (CK-17), a 3-year medium-term management plan which started in April 2015. To become a world-class, leading-edge company in water and the environment, we are making group-wide efforts to improve our competitiveness and solve the issues faced by our customers and society.

We view the beginning of the fiscal year ending March 2017, the second year of the medium-term management plan, as an opportunity to renew our management with the aim of further accelerating measures for achieving the plan. We will strive to make additional leaps and further develop our businesses by responding appropriately to rapid environmental changes in Japan and the world with the flexible and agile management of the younger generation.

2. Career summary of incoming president

Name Michiya Kadota
Place of Birth Kochi Prefecture
Date of Birth February 26, 1959
Date of Joining Kurita Water Industries Ltd. April 1, 1983
Most recent education March 1983
Graduated from Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University
Career summary  
  April 1983
Joined Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
April 2006
General Manager of Business Process Reengineering Department, Corporate Planning Division
June 2013
Executive Officer
General Manager of Finance and Accounting Department, Administrative Division
June 2014
General Manager of Administrative Division (incumbent)
Number of shares held 34(unit: 100 shares) (As of January 31, 2016)
  • *Includes shares held under the Shareholding Scheme for the purchase of the Company shares