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March 31, 2014

Launch of a Water Treatment Management Service Using the Newly Developed Mobile Water Quality Analyzer, S.sensing MA

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Nakai) has launched a water treatment management service utilizing the mobile water quality analyzer S.sensing MA, which was developed for facilities with cooling water systems. With 140 units of this instrument in stock in our sales branches, sales companies, and distributors, we will continue to enhance our water treatment chemicals service to be speedier and customer-oriented in a wide range of fields, such as factories and air-conditioning for buildings.

S.sensing MA is a portable water quality measuring instrument that can measure 9 elements that are important indicators for the water treatment management of cooling water systems, such as water quality and effective concentration of the water treatment chemicals, within 10 minutes at the customer’s site. It can diagnose the condition of water treatment based on the measurement results, immediately take necessary actions, such as adjustment of the amount of water treatment chemicals dosed, and can also suggest solutions for issues that will contribute to the water and energy conservation of the customers on the spot.

S.sensing MA
Photo: S.sensing MA
(Width: 260 x Depth: 206 x Height 80mm)

This instrument has a network connection function, and not only can the analysis results be shared with the customer on-site but they can also be accumulated and analyzed by utilizing the S.sensing system network. The customer can verify the time-series data and the automatically analyzed reports and graphs on the Internet, and remotely monitor the condition and the effect of water treatment without having special installation work.
The Kurita Group will more proactively offer suggestions for solutions that will lead to the achievement of more efficient water treatment specifications, higher productivity, and a reduced environmental impact by improving the quality of services that involve water quality analysis, while identifying customer issues, and providing suggestions more quickly with the application of S.sensing MA.

S.sensing is a water treatment management service that can realize optimal water treatment on a real-time basis by applying a system that combines the technology of measurement, analysis, control, and monitoring uniquely developed by the Kurita Group in the water treatment chemicals business.(*)
S.sensing MA is an instrument developed to perform the measurement part of this system. It is a dedicated portable device specializing in measuring water quality instead of stationary equipment with a control function installed in the customers’ factories. Because of this S.sensing MA lineup, we are now able to offer advantages provided by S.sensing in accordance with the needs of a wider range of customers, regardless of the industry and the size of their factories. We will provide our values of optimal control and promptness in water treatment through the direct communication between customers and our service technicians.