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February 28, 2012

Kurita Obtains NSF Certification for RO Membrane Water Treatment Chemical
Promoting overseas sales of high-safety RO membrane water treatment chemicals

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiyuki Nakai) has obtained NSF*1 certification for one of its reverse osmosis (RO) membrane water treatment chemicals in accordance with international health and safety standards for drinking water.
As NSF certification is mandatory for all equipment and chemicals used in the drinking water production process, particularly outside Japan, this will enable the Kurita Group to increase sales to plants using RO membrane systems.

RO membranes are used for a wide range of purposes, including ultrapure water production systems, which are required to manufacture semiconductors and liquid crystal, and desalination plants used to render seawater drinkable, as well as recovering and reclaiming industrial wastewater. RO membrane water treatment chemicals effectively remove suspended matter from raw water, to prevent it from affecting the membranes' filtration performance, and inhibit slime*2 and the formation of scale*3. They also maintain the performance of RO membrane systems and help to reduce the cost of maintenance work. In addition to selling pretreatment coagulants, slime control agents, scale inhibitors and other chemicals, the Kurita Group also strives to continually improve its products in terms of added value, harnessing technology developed in other areas such as cooling water treatment chemicals and maintenance of ultrapure water production systems. (See: Kurita's RO Membrane Water Treatment Chemicals (NSF Certified))

The RO membrane water treatment chemical granted NSF certification is Kuriverter IK-110/ KURITA KV IK-510*4, a slime control agent designed to inhibit slime and prevent it from fouling the membrane. This is a new type of chemical product that harnesses the ability to peel slime fouling off the RO membrane. This, combined with the fact that it uses high-safety materials, has led to Kuriverter IK-110/ KURITA KV IK-510 becoming the world's first NSF certified slime control agent that is capable of functioning effectively while the RO membrane system is still in use.
Until now, removing slime fouling the RO membrane as part of the drinking water production process has involved halting the RO membrane system and immersing the membrane in disinfectant chemicals. As Kuriverter IK-110/ KURITA KV IK-510 combines safety with the ability to keep the RO membrane system running, however, it enables systems to produce drinking water more efficiently and can help to reduce maintenance and management costs. As such, it is likely to be used for an even wider range of purposes in the future, including food and beverage plants as well as desalination facilities.

In addition to its newly certified slime control agent, the Kurita Group has already obtained NSF certification for RO membrane pretreatment coagulants and scale inhibitors, meaning that all of its major RO membrane water treatment chemicals are now NSF certified. This will enable Kurita to continue increasing its sales in countries, regions and markets where RO membrane treatment is on the rise, focusing particularly on desalination facilities supplying drinking water.

  • *1NSF
    NSF International (NSF) is an international independent organization that provides certification for public health and safety. Its activities include certifying products in accordance with health and safety standards governing drinking water and food, and screening and registering management systems. Water treatment chemicals for use in drinking water are classified by NSF under ANSI Standard 60 (Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals)
  • *2Slime: Contaminants formed by microbes such as underwater bacteria and algae
  • *3Scale: Calcium or silica solids precipitated from water
  • *4KURITA KV IK-510 is a product name for the world market, especially for seawater desalination facilities supplying drinking water.
    KURIVERTER IK-110 is a product name mainly used for industrial desalination facilities.
  • *Kuriverter is a trademark of Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

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