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To promote its CSR initiatives, the Kurita Group has set out the definitions, objectives, priority themes, and activity targets as follows. The Group’s priority themes are set out to conform with the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which it supports.

Provide solutions to issues related to water and the environment, and fulfill responsibility for the future
Priority themes Initiatives toward 2030 Targets for 2022
Maintain social trust by developing and providing services and products reflecting considerations for safety, health, and the environment. (1) Proportion of themes falling into "Safety improvement" and "Response to legal changes" to product development themes: 15%
(2) Rate of participation in regular safety training related to "Products and services" among employees: 100%
Maintain fair and transparent trade based on free competition. Maintain sound relationships with politics and administration. Rate of participation in compliance-related training among directors and employees: 100%
Support and respect international norms related to human rights and promote human rights initiatives by following the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights established by the United Nations. (1) Rate of participation in training related to human rights among directors and employees*1: 100%
(2) Severity rate*2: 0.005
Supply water at the optimum quality and quantity by securing as much water as necessary for the life of all people and the development of industry by applying technologies for saving, purifying, and reusing water.

Water savings at customers*3:57 million m3

– Amount of tap water used in our
business activities
:7 million m3

Difference:5 million m3*4

Optimize energy use in living and in industries, and introduce technologies for creating energy throughout society.

CO2 emissions reduction at customers*3:253,000 t

– CO2 emissions from our business
:253,000 t


Introduce technologies for using waste as resources and technologies for controlling the amount of waste and aim to achieve zero waste.

Waste reduction at customers*3:136,000 t

– Waste generated from our business
:36,000 t

Difference:100,000 t*4

Make full use of big data on water to contribute to innovations in production efficiency and product quality in industries. Proportion of themes falling into "Contribution to improvement of production process" to product development themes: 35%
  • *1:One employee receives the training every three years.
  • *2:The subjects are divisions involved in site work and their business partners, and the rate was calculated by applying the formula, "Number of work days lost ÷ Total number of hours worked x 1,000."
  • *3:Amount of environmental impact that was reduced at customers' plants and offices by using products, technologies, or services from the Kurita Group
  • *4:We set values for "Reduction of environmental impact at customers - Environmental impact we generate" as our targets, aiming to have the reduction of environmental impact through our businesses offset and surpass the environmental impact of our business activities.

Basic themes

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