Environmental Improvements ActivitiesSolve Issues Related to Water Resources

The world is facing various issues related to water, including water shortages due to uneven distribution, water pollution associated with industrial development, and depletion of ground water. These rank among the most serious social issues alongside climate change. The Kurita Group will strive to reduce the amount of water intake for use in its business activities while using its water saving, purification, and reuse technologies to provide the optimal quality and volume of water required for people’s lives and industrial development. The Company is also participating in the Water Project of the Ministry of the Environment, which provides an opportunity to disseminate information about our technologies and business activities related to efficient use of water resources and preservation of the water environment.

Targets for 2022

The Kurita Group aims to achieve a reduction of environmental impact through its business that offsets and even exceeds the environmental impact generated by its business. To this end, we have set targets for the “amount of the reduction in environmental impact of customers - the amount of the Kurita Group’s own environmental impact” for fiscal 2019 onwards. We will continue to measure these actual values going forward values.

Water savings at customers
– Amount of water intake used in our business activities

50million m3

Contribution to SDGs

With Customers

Customers’ Environmental Improvement Activities

The graph shows the performance of the Company and its domestic Group companies at customers’ plants and business sites. These mainly represent reduction in the feed water volume by optimizing and managing water quality in boilers and recirculating water in cooling water systems, as well as recovery and reuse of wastewater. In fiscal 2018, we saw a significant impact from water reclamation systems used in major project involving water treatment facilities for the electronics industry, which greatly increased the amount of water saved.

Improvement Examples

Water saving example at Teijin Polycarbonate China Ltd. (Initiative by Kurita Water Industries (Dalian) Co., Ltd.)

Water usage Reduced by 30

Teijin Polycarbonate China Ltd. manufactures polycarbonate in China. China’s annual water resource per person is significantly lower than the global average, causing environmental regulations on matters such as water usage restriction and water quality of wastewater to grow tighter every year. Some regional regulations are tougher than the national regulations, and Teijin Polycarbonate China faced an urgent task to reduce its water usage.

Kurita Water Industries (Dalian) Co., Ltd. worked with the customer to check the volumes of water use and wastewater, as well as water quality, for the entire plant.Then, we proposed using an RO membrane facility* to treat and reclaim water from cooling facilities and plant waste water with a low degree of contamination. The customer accepted the proposal, which has enabled a reduction of around 30% in water use across the entire plant.

  • ※A facility for filtering water using a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane that allows water to pass through while preventing the passage of impurities such as ions and bacteria.

RO membrane facility

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Voice of the Customer

Masahiro Ishida

Manufacturing Department Manager
Masahiro Ishida

Reducing the volume of water usage was a major challenge for us.We are very grateful for this proposal for an appropriate countermeasure,which has delivered the expected results.
Now we have asked Kurita to look into ways to further increase the volume of water that we reuse. We look forward to your continued assistance.

Water saving example at SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Takaoka Plant (Initiative by Kurita Water Industries Ltd.)

Annual water consumption Reduced by25,000m3

SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. mainly manufactures semiconductor packages that achieve the miniaturization and high functionalization of electronics products. The company positions environmental protection as one of its top management policies.

To minimize water consumption at its plants, this customer collects and reuses as much water used for production as possible. However, the properties of the discharged water changed when the company modified the production volume and method in response to changes in its business environment. Consequently, it was becoming difficult to maintain a balance between the quality and quantity of water used at its plants. Kurita Water Industries proposed an improvement measure, with which water quality is improved by removing organic constituents, which were affecting the quality of pure water, by means of membrane treatment.

The customer adopted our proposal. As a result, the amount of reusable circulating water increased, and it became possible to reduce the amount of makeup water, enabling water consumption to be reduced by 25,000m3/ year.

Flow chart

Customer’s Voice

Mr. Takeshi Matsuki

Mr. Takeshi Matsuki
Manager of Facilities Management DepartmentⅡ,
Environmental Management Division

We evaluate this proposal highly because it has enabled us to stabilize the quality of pure water and reduce the number of parts that are replaced due to the adhesion of dirt from organic constituents.
We expect Kurita to give us further proposals for reducing the environmental impact of our plants and ensuring stable operations.

At the Kurita Group

Internal Environmental Improvement Activities

In fiscal 2018, the Group worked on a target of decreasing its water intake from the previous fiscal year while increasing the reclamation rate. Specifically, we aimed to reduce water intake and increase water reclamation by improving the manufacturing method and usage of pure water used in manufacturing water treatment chemicals and regeneration and rinsing of ion exchange resins. However, due to an increase in production volume,water supply water intake in fiscal 2018 did not reach the target. The water intake and reclamation rate increased dramatically from fiscal 2018 with an increase in the number of business sites taking measurements.

The Company and domestic Group companies have assessed and confirmed water risks of areas where their production bases are located, by using the Aqueduct, a water risk atlas from the World Resources Institute. As a result of the assessment, we found no area which falls into “High risk” or higher category among areas where the Company and domestic Group companies have their production bases.

Saving Water at Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd.’s Ako Plant

Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. is a manufacturing base for water treatment chemicals in the Kurita Group. The company’s Ako plant manufactures water treatment chemicals mainly for customers in Western Japan. The Ako plant has a water treatment facility for manufacturing pure water that it uses as a raw material for water treatment chemicals in liquid form and for washing returnable water treatment chemical containers that can be reused. Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. conducted a review of its facilities for important utilities for its business activities,such as water and electricity, in fiscal 2018. As part of this review, it introduced Kurita Water Industries’ pure water supply service “KWSS.”

This service uses Kurita Water Industries’ accumulated experience and expertise with IT, remote monitoring and collecting operation data online. This is combined with trend management and alarm analysis to conduct water treatment facility operation maintenance services based on real time operation status. In combination with proper facility maintenance using this service, we also reclaim and reuse wastewater that was previously discarded from the pure water production facility, which led to a reduction in water intake volume.

Pure water production facility managed by KWSS

Pure water production facility managed by KWSS

Water input volume at Ako plant