Kurita Group Environmental Policy

General Provisions

  • (1)Kurita Group will engage in the environmental improvement activities to achieve the four themes: "finding solutions to the water resource issues"; "realizing sustainable use of energy"; "reducing waste"; and "enhancing industrial production technology" of the "CSR Policy" (hereinafter referred to as the "Growth Opportunity Themes"), based on the corporate philosophy, "Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and humanity are in harmony."
  • (2)Kurita Group will support the “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the UN in 2015 and contribute to achieving relevant goals through the environmental improvement activities.
  • (3)Kurita Group will establish systems and rules, etc. necessary for the performance of the environmental improvement activities.
  • (4)Officers and employees of Kurita Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Officers/Employees") must actively engage in the environmental improvement activities in their respective capacities.
  • (5)Kurita Group will develop Kurita Group's unified mid-term goals and activity plans by fiscal year related to the environmental improvement activities and manage activity goals.
  • (6)If any actual or alleged breach of the Local Laws and Regulations arises, the Officers/Employees of Kurita Group will immediately report the same in accordance with Kurita Group's Emergency Communication Procedures.
  • (7)Kurita Group will check that business activities are being carried out appropriately in accordance with the Local Laws and Regulations.
  • (8)Kurita Group will verify the effect of the environmental improvement activities on a regular basis, and utilize this for continual improvement.
  • (9)Kurita Group will carry out education and training activities for the promotion of the environmental improvement activities for the Officers/Employees.
  • (10)Kurita Group will disclose, in an active and fair manner, information which helps the Stakeholders to understand the environmental improvement activities.
  • (11)Kurita Group will check expectations and concerns of the Stakeholders with regards to Kurita Group, and utilize the results to continually improve the environmental improvement activities.

Activity Policy in Value Chain

  • (1)Kurita Group will continually reduce the use of water and energy, and the amount of waste generated during customers' business activities, by providing customers with solutions which contribute to the sustainability of water and the environment.
  • (2)Kurita Group will endeavor to develop technologies, products and services which contribute to achieving the Growth Opportunity Themes of the "CSR Policy."
  • (3)Kurita Group will procure raw materials or parts by considering the impact on the environment and the possibility of recycling them, and request that business partners pay attention to reducing environmental burden associated with business activities.
  • (4)For the production and transport of products, and administration, meetings and transportation associated with business activities, Kurita Group will prioritize methods which make less use of water and energy and produce less waste.
  • (5)Kurita Group will provide customers with information regarding an appropriate handling of products, including the characteristics and method of disposal of products.
  • (6)In providing services and conducting construction work requiring local work, Kurita Group will endeavor not to give a negative impact to the environment through such work, and prioritize methods which make less use of water and energy and produce less waste.