Activities to Improve Quality (Quality Policy)

The Kurita Group has continually worked to improve the quality of its products, technologies, and services since its founding, motivated by the desire to help customers solve their problems. To win their unshakable trust, all of the employees of our Group were working to realize the aims of the "Kurita Group Quality Policy."

Quality Policy

The Kurita Group will speedily provide our customers with products, technologies and services that can meet their quality expectations, thereby winning their unshakable trust.

The Kurita Group will We strive to provide our customers with excellent products, technologies and services that can meet their safety and quality expectations.

  • Work to improve the two kinds of quality, "quality by products" and "quality by people," from the customer’s perspective.
  • Work to develop our capabilities on our own, aiming to become "human resources who know the work site and are able to provide customers with value."
  • Work to develop and improve our products, technologies, and services with the aim of "improving productivity," "reducing our environmental impact," and "creating innovative energy solutions."

Approach to Quality Assurance