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Additional Contribution to the Basic Fund of the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation

Kurita Water Industries Ltd.

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has donated 500 million yen to the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation as additional contribution to its basic fund.

The Kurita Water and Environment Foundation was established in March 1997 with contributions by Kurita Water Industries and Kurita Group companies. The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to the development of society in the 21st century and help restore a clean environment. The Foundation has been operating grant programs, etc. for surveys, research projects and international exchange programs in the scientific field concerning water and the environment. By making donations to the Foundation, the Kurita Group has been supporting domestic and overseas research activities concerning water and the environment for the purpose of contributing even more widely to society apart from its own business interests.

Upon its 15th anniversary, the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation made a plan to enhance the content of its research grant programs and offer such programs more widely to overseas researchers. Kurita Water Industries has agreed to the purpose of the plan and decided to donate 500 million yen this fiscal year as an additional contribution to the basic fund, so as to increase the operating funds of the Foundation. Grant projects of the Foundation for this fiscal year include new grants offered for research projects under the theme of "studying the properties of water and mastering them," in addition to those concerning environmental water. In addition, the Foundation will solicit applications for research grants locally in Thailand as a measure for actively promoting its research grant programs in overseas. Further, the Foundation is also considering the possibility of expanding its research grants to other countries in a few years. Kurita Water Industries will strengthen its support for the Foundation in accordance with the expansion of its grant programs, etc.

Kurita Water Industries plans to specify the purpose of use of the funds to be donated to the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation. The Foundation will be requested to purchase common stock of Kurita Water Industries by using the donated money and appropriate dividends from the stock for the operations of the grant projects, etc. to be enhanced.

[Outline of the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation]

Name Kurita Water and Environment Foundation
Address Nakano Central Park East, 10-1, Nakano 4-chome, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0001
Date of Establishment March 12, 1997 (Registered as a public interest incorporated foundation on November 9, 2009.)
Chief Director Hiroshi Fujino
Contents of Operation
  • Provision of grants for surveys and research projects concerning the water environment undertaken at universities and other research institutes in overseas countries
  • Provision of grants for holding international conferences on science related to the water environment and for the participation of researchers and experts in such international conferences
  • Recognizing surveys and research projects concerning the water environment which are deemed to have made remarkable achievements in light of the purpose of the Foundation
  • Promoting achievements of its activities and undertaking other promotional and educational activities related to science concerning the water environment
URL http://www.kwef.or.jp