Kurita will present and have a virtual booth at "The International Water Conference"

November 4, 2020

Kurita experts will present at the International Water Conference®(hereinafter "IWC"), November8-12 2020, an all-virtual conference.

In addition, Avista Technologies, Inc. from Kurita Group will have a virtual booth presenting the latest RO membrane solutions that Kurita Group will continue to create new values for customers through its comprehensive solutions.


Presenter Date Session Theme
Yaozhen CHEN 11/09/2020
05:00PM (EST)
Sustainability Construction of a New Wastewater Reclamation System Addressing Industry Water Resource Issues
Shintarou MORI 11/09/2020
05:00PM (EST)
ASME #2-Corrosion Inhibition FFS as a Heat Transfer Efficiency Improver for Steam Facilities
Yuta OHTSUKA 11/11/2020
11:50AM (EST)
Modelling & Predicting New Automatic Control System to Optimize Biocide Dosing for Stable RO Operation

IWC is a strong educational conference. It dedicates to advancing new developments in the treatment, use, and reuse of water for industrial and other engineering purposes and presents the latest scientific advances and practical applications.

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URL: https://eswp.com/water/overview/