Stakeholder Engagement

The Kurita Group positions its customers, business partners, employees, shareholders and investors, and local communities as its stakeholders. It takes initiatives on stakeholder engagement to understand each stakeholder’s expectations, concerns, requests, and other thoughts about Kurita and reflect them in its management.

Initiatives on stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder purpose Approach
Customers Providing solutions through products and services and winning trust from customers
  • Suggest and provide solutions to issues of individual customers, by communicating with them through proposal activities, and check how the solutions are evaluated.
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys to find expectations and evaluations by customers as a whole and identify the Kurita Group’s issues.
Business partners Fair trades and considerations for society, human rights, and environmental aspects in supply chain
  • Check what individual trade partners expect and how they evaluate us, by communicating with them in procurement activities.
  • Conduct questionnaires of trade partners to check expectations and evaluations by trade partners as a whole and identify the Kurita Group’s issues.
  • Set up a helpline for trade partners as a contact for anonymous consultations and whistleblowing.
Employees Respect for human rights, improvement of job satisfaction, and human resource development
  • Check employees’ opinions through a self-reporting system or the similar system.
  • Check needs and effects of employee capability development by providing human resource development training, supporting female employees in their career development, and taking other measures.
  • Conduct employee surveys to check the level of their job satisfaction.
  • Set up a contact for compliance consultation and one for whistleblowing to accept anonymous consultations and whistleblowing.
Shareholders and investors Dialogues with shareholders and investors for mutual understanding with them and winning support from them
  • The president and the director in charge have dialogues with shareholders and stakeholders in financial results briefing, briefing sessions for shareholders, ones for investors, conferences hosted by securities companies, and IR roadshows.
  • People who are exclusively in charge of IR have dialogues with individual securities analysts and institutional investors through meetings and conference calls.
  • Disclose information appropriately and in a timely manner via annual reports, website, and other media.
Local communities Contribution to local communities
  • Carry out activities related to nature conservation, welfare, disaster control, and other issues in areas where our business bases are located, and provide support for affected areas in the event of a disaster.
  • Contribute to the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation, which was established to contribute to advancing science and technologies related to water and the environment.
  • Check expectations and evaluations by local communities in light of presence/ absence of complaints and other feedback to each business location and their contents.

Examination of initiatives

Based on the following information, we examine our CSR initiatives to confirm that they are making progress toward achievement of goals.

  • Results of questionnaire and other surveys (of customers, trade partners, and employees)
  • Results of assessment by major ESG investment evaluation organizations and whether Kurita stock has been selected as an ESG Stock
  • Number of complaints lodged against, and acknowledgements given by the local community to, Kurita at each business location

Information disclosure

We disclose our CSR-related information to our stakeholders proactively and fairly.

Main methods of information disclosure

  • Disclosing reports created by referring to international standards on information disclosure
  • Answering questionnaire and other surveys conducted by research institutions and other organizations
  • Answering questions and surveys from customers, shareholders, and investors