Management System

The Kurita Group stipulates CSR Policy and activity targets and the organization is properly managed to achieve that targets.

Promotion system and PDCA

Promotion system

The Kurita Group positions the themes stipulated in its CSR Policy as material issues and makes group-wide efforts to work on activities related to the fields of 1) corporate governance, 2) product and service liability, 3) fair operating practices, 4) respect for human rights, 5) appropriate labor practices, 6) environmental improvement, and 7) social contributions (hereinafter, the "individual activities"). The chairman of the E&S Committee, who is a director of Kurita, is responsible for integrating and promoting the individual activities, with a director of Kurita assigned for each one of the activities as the responsible manager.


For each of the individual activities, we formulate the Group's common medium-term targets and annual action plans, and Kurita and Group companies manage activity targets. Determination of the action plan and evaluation of results of actions are made by Kurita's Board of Directors.