Environmental Improvements ActivitiesEnvironmental Policy / Management

The Kurita Group’s Environmental Improvements

The Kurita Group defined its Environmental Improvement Activities as follows:
1) activities to comply with the environment-related laws and regulations of each country and region (hereinafter referred to as the “Local Laws and Regulations”) which are applicable in conducting business activities;
2) initiatives to resolve international issues related to the sustainability of water and the environment through business activities; and
3) disclosure of information related to (1) and (2), and engagement with customers, business partners, employees, shareholders and investors, and local communities (hereinafter referred to as the “Stakeholders”) related to such activities.

The Kurita Group’s environmental improvement activities include initiatives to reduce internal water and energy use and waste emissions. They also include activities to reduce the environmental impact of customers using the products and services related to water and the environment that the Kurita Group has developed over many years. These are linked with the themes for growth opportunities * in our CSR Policy. We will create shared value by achieving solutions to social issues through the reduction of customers’ environmental impact and the Kurita Group’s own environmental impact, while simultaneously achieving business growth.

Kurita Group Environmental Policy

The Kurita Group revised its previous Basic Environmental Improvement Policy and formulated the Kurita Group Environmental Policy in March 2018.

General Provisions

  • Kurita Group will engage in the environmental improvement activities to achieve the four themes: “finding solutions to the water resource issues”; “realizing sustainable use of energy”; “reducing waste”; and “enhancing industrial production technology” of the “CSR Policy” (hereinafter referred to as the “Growth Opportunity Themes”), based on the corporate philosophy, “Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and man are in harmony”.
  • Kurita Group will support the “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the UN in 2015 and contribute to achieving relevant goals through the environmental improvement activities.
  • Kurita Group will establish systems and rules, etc. necessary for the performance of the environmental improvement activities.
  • Directors and employees of Kurita Group must actively engage in the environmental improvement activities in their respective capacities.
  • Kurita Group will develop Kurita Group’s unified medium-term goals and activity plans by fiscal year related to the environmental improvement activities and manage activity goals.
  • If any actual or alleged breach of the Local Laws and Regulations arises, the Directors and Employees of Kurita Group will immediately report the same in accordance with Kurita Group’s Emergency Communication Procedures.
  • Kurita Group will check that business activities are being carried out appropriately in accordance with the Local Laws and Regulations
  • Kurita Group will verify the effect of the environmental improvement activities on a regular basis, and utilize this for continual improvement.
  • Kurita Group will carry out education and training activities for the promotion of the environmental improvement activities for the Directors and Employees.
  • Kurita Group will disclose, in an active and fair manner, information which helps the Stakeholders to understand the environmental improvement activities.
  • Kurita Group will check expectations and concerns of the Stakeholders with regards to Kurita Group, and utilize the results to continually improve the environmental improvement activities.

Promotion System

The Kurita Group has established the E&S Committee, which is chaired by a director of the Company, and the Group E&S Committee,chaired by the same director and composed of representatives of domestic Group companies. These committees oversee environmental improvement activities in the Kurita Group. The committees formulate unified medium-term goals for the Kurita Group’s environmental improvement activities and action plans for each fiscal year. Personnel responsible for promotion are designated by the committee chair to promote initiatives for achieving the targets of the environmental improvement activities at their assigned company or organization. They report the status and results of the activities to the E&S Committee.

The E&S Committee confirms stakeholder expectations and concerns, and reports these to the Company’s Board of Directors along with the results for the Kurita Group’s CSR activities.

Customers’ Environmental Improvement Activities

In our customers’ environmental improvement activities, we work to reduce the environmental impact at customers’ plants and business sites using the Kurita Group’s products and services.Based on the social issues outlined in the SDGs, the Kurita Group aims to contribute in its business field – “water and the environment” – and provides customers with solutions on the themes of “saving water”, “saving energy”, and “reducing waste”. To ensure that our activities are effective, we collect data on the quantitative reduction in environmental impact from the customers’ adoption of our solutions under an index of our own called “environmental benefits for customers”.

The Kurita Group has also defined products, services, and contract business that promote creation of shared value with society as “CSV business”, and is working to develop them. CSV business has been identified in each Kurita Group company based on the following selection criteria.

CSV Business Selection Standard

1) Business that contributes greatly to themes defined in the CSR Policy
2) Business with a high level of competitive advantage and innovation
3) Business that serves the public interest to a high degree (contributes greatly to SDGs)

Internal Environmental Improvement Activities

Improvement Targets

Initiative Target
Water intake Per-unit water intake less than the previous fiscal year
CO2 emissions Per-unit CO2 emissionsdown 1% year on year
Industrial waste emission Per-unit industrial waste emissions less than the previous fiscal year

The Company’s internal environmental improvement activities aim to reduce environmental impact while complying with the environmental laws of each country and region that apply to the Kurita Group’s business activities. In fiscal 2019, the companies of the Kurita Group established target values for the items shown in the table on the right and are taking steps to reduce them.

In fiscal 2018, there was no incident of a serious leakage with the potential to pollute the environment at the Kurita Group.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

The Kurita Group acquires ISO 14001 certification, mainly at business sites that have a heavy environmental impact. As of September 2018, the status of acquisition in the Group is as shown below.

Company Office
Kurita Water
Industries Ltd.
Shizuoka, Yamaguchi, Toyoura, Tsuruga plants
Kameyama Sub-branch
Sakai Sub-branch
Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd. Head Office, Ako plant
Kurita Buil-Tech Co., Ltd.
Kuritaz Co., Ltd.
Kuritec Service Co. Ltd.
Kurita-GK Chemical Co., Ltd.
Kurita (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
Kurita Water Industries (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
Kurita Water Industries (Jiangyin) Co., Ltd.
Hansu Co., Ltd.
Kurita Europe
Kurita Turkey Kimya A.S.
Kurita do Brasil LTDA.
Hansu Technical Service Ltd.
Kurita (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
P.T. Kurita Indonesia