Environmental Improvements ActivitiesTotal Environmental Impact

Total Environmental Impact

Environmental Accounting

Environmental Conservation Costs

  FY2017 FY2018
(million yen)
307 284
(million yen)
2,050 2,038

Environmental Benefits and Economic Benefits

  FY2017 FY2018 Year-on-year change Environmental benefits
Economic benefits
(Million yen)
CO2emissions (t) 187,126 191,479 102 -4,353 -181
Waste amount (t) 27,261 29,453 108 –2,192 –385
Waste sold as valuable resources (t) 465 529 114 - 1
Total –565

Calculation range

(1)Environmental conservation costs

Kurita Water Industries, Ltd.: Kurita Global Technology Center, Shizuoka Plant, Yokkaichi Sub-branch, Kameyama Sub-branch, Sakai Sub-branch
Domestic Subsidiaries: Head Office of Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd., Mie Plant, Iga Plant, Oita Plant of Kuritec Service Co., Ltd.

  • The calculation range of “environmental preservation cost” accounted for 95% of the Kurita Group’s total CO2 emissions and 95% of the Kurita Group’s total waste generation.

(2) Environmental and economic benefits

The Kurita Group