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June 21, 2016

Kurita’s Sludge Reduction Type Aerobic Biological Treatment Process BIOPLANET SR Receives METI Industrial Technology Environmental Agency Director-General’s Award at 42nd Excellent Environmental Equipment Awards

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Head Office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Michiya Kadota) is pleased to announce that it has received the METI Industrial Technology Environmental Agency Director General’s Award at the 42nd Excellent Environmental Equipment Awards hosted by the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers (JSIM). The equipment that earned the award is Kurita’s sludge reduction type aerobic biological treatment process BIOPLANET SR, which uses a food chain of microscopic animals . The use of this process enables the maintenance of treated water of consistent quality and a reduction in the amount of sludge generated by up to 75% compared to the standard aerobic biological treatment process. It received the award thanks to its record of good performance in its application at domestic and international worksites and its ability to reduce the environmental impact.

Biological treatment, in which microorganisms decompose organic substances in wastewater, is generally used in the wastewater treatment of plants, etc. However, aerobic biological treatment (standard activated sludge method) that uses aerobic microorganisms has an issue: it generates surplus sludge as waste byproducts, since bacteria grow while decomposing organic matter. In contrast, BIOPLANET SR significantly reduces the amount of surplus sludge generated with the application of a natural food chain to wastewater treatment so that higher microorganisms such as protozoa and metazoa can consume the bacteria. Through the use of Kurita’s original operation methods to optimize the microorganisms’ balance in the system and the carriers to optimize the biological process, this novel system enables the consistent quality of treated water irrespective of the density or load of wastewater changes, and reduces sludge quite effectively.
BIOPLANET SR is suitable for any of the three major types of aerobic wastewater treatment (sedimentation pond return type, membrane separation type, and moving bed type with fluid carriers), and so it is possible to provide the optimal flow corresponding to all types of wastewater. In addition, Kurita has developed a standard wastewater treatment system equipped with BIOPLANET SR technologies, which reduces initial costs, saves space, and shortens the completion time. We are developing markets for this and BIOPLANET SR has now been introduced into a wide array of industries including foods, beverages, LCDs, chemicals, etc., both domestically and internationally.

The Excellent Environmental Equipment Awards, which are hosted by JSIM, are aimed at promoting the research and development of environmental protection technologies and disseminating outstanding environmental equipment. The awards are given for devices and systems that have been in stable operation for at least six months. On June 20th, JSIM held a ceremony to present the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, the Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau Director-General’s Award, the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General’s Award, and the JSIM Chairman’s Award.
With the award serving as momentum, Kurita will continue pursuing the topic of how to reduce surplus sludge, and will further promote measures for solving customers’ problems concerning water and the environment, as well as contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact through the development of unique biological treatment technologies.

  1. *BIOPLANET SR is a registered trademark of Kurita Water Industries Ltd.
    Attachment: About BIOPLANET SR, an aerobic biological treatment process of the sludge reduction type

About BIOPLANET SR, an aerobic biological treatment process of the sludge reduction type

This system is mainly composed of a bacteria dispersion tank and a microscopic animal tank. In the bacteria dispersion tank, bacteria decompose organic substances to grow in a dispersed state so that microscopic animals can easily ingest the bacteria. In the microscopic animal tank, microscopic animals (protozoa and metazoa) consume the bacteria. During this process, energy is consumed in the activities of the microscopic animals, resulting in the reduction of surplus sludge.

In addition, BIOPLANET SR is provided with carriers that are suitable for the microorganisms in the bacteria dispersion tank and the microscopic animal tank in order to optimize dispersed microbe (bacteria) retention and the microscopic animals’ growth. The technology has made it possible to achieve consistent treated water quality comparable to that of the conventional biological treatment process, even when the density or load of the wastewater changes. In addition, the system is applicable not only for the wastewater of food factories, where the system has been used successfully in many facilities, but also for a wide variety of properties of wastewater including the organic wastewater of chemical plants and LCD plants.

<Advantages of BIOPLANET SR>

  1. BIOPLANET SR can reduce the amount of sludge generated by up to 75% compared to the standard activated sludge method. It reduces waste disposal costs and contributes to a reduction in the environmental impact made by customers (plants and business facilities).
  2. BIOPLANET SR makes it possible to reduce sludge without additional power usage or chemicals.
  3. The quality of the treated water is kept stable by taking advantage of Kurita’s original operation technology and the carriers that are suitable for each microorganism.
  4. BIOPLANET SR is suitable for the three major types of aerobic wastewater treatments (sedimentation pond return type, membrane separation type, and moving bed type with fluid carriers). In addition to reducing the amount of sludge generated, it is capable of addressing high-load treatment, improving the quality of treated water, and reducing flocculants.
  5. Kurita Water Industries Ltd. provides a range of standard wastewater treatment systems equipped with BIOPLANET SR technologies, which realize cost reductions, space-saving, and shortened completion time.
  1. *Aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatments
    Microorganisms are generally used for the treatment of organic substances in wastewater, and there are two major types of systems depending on the bacterial types: aerobic (aerobic biological) treatment, which uses microorganisms capable of degrading organic matter under aerobic conditions, and anaerobic (anaerobic biological) treatment, which utilizes the advantages of microorganisms to function in an anaerobic environment.
    Kurita is a leading company with a top class delivery record in biological treatments of wastewater, and it offers unique products and technologies for both aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatments.