CSR InitiativesWith Business Partners

Fairness & Reciprocity

Having set a basic purchasing policy, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. conducts business in line with that policy. At the same time, the Company has formulated "Procurement Guidelines" and requires business partners to keep in mind legal compliance, environmental preservation, human rights, and worker safety and health. The "Basic Business Agreement" and the provisions of the agreement ensure that business is conducted in line with the Company’s policies. In addition, the Company posts the main items that it purchases on its website and extensively recruits business partners using a specialized response form.

1. Fairness

Kurita provides equal business opportunities to all prospective business partners to introduce their company and products for new business.

2. Reciprocity - heart to heart -

Kurita is promoting relationships with suppliers aiming at reciprocity based on mutual understanding and trust.

3. Policy for selecting suppliers

Kurita evaluates a potential supplier’s quality, price competitiveness, lead time/delivery at time specified, business operation including financial status, compliance with laws, and also RoHS and green procurement (low environmental impact products/services).

Compliance with Laws, Ordinances, and Social Norms

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. requires that business partners adhere to laws, ordinances, and social norms related to business activities and conduct business in a fair, honest, and transparent manner.

Laws and ordinances that apply to business with the Company include the Antimonopoly Act, Commercial Code, Construction Business Act, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Labor Standards Act, Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act, export controls, and local government ordinances. Furthermore, business partners are requested to understand Kurita Water Industries’ compliance activities, such as adhering to the Act Against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors (Subcontractors Act) and managing confidential information. The Company’s Legal Affairs Division’s "Business With Kurita Water Industries Survey" is used to check that business is conducted appropriately. Conducted once a year, the survey targets business partners who are subcontractors as defined in the Subcontractors Act, and the Company promotes efforts to conduct fairer business by continually improving the details of and ways it conducts business.

Furthermore, the code of conduct stipulates that every Kurita Group executive and employee terminate all connections with anti-social forces and terrorist organizations and that the Group thoroughly and resolutely implement a response. As for concrete measures, the Company exchanges an "Anti-Social Forces Memorandum of Understanding" with business partners.

Consideration of Human Rights and Worker Safety and Health

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. requires that business partners respect basic human rights, eliminate harassment and discrimination based on factors such as sex, nationality, religion, race, and disabilities, not use forced labor, pay appropriate wages, and manage work time. As for the business activities of business partners, the Company demands that business partners evaluate risks related to workplace safety, work to prevent accidents and work injuries, strive to prevent reoccurrences by promoting education and training, and create and maintain a safe work environment.

Efforts Related to Conflict Minerals

Business partners are requested to take steps to eliminate the use of conflict minerals that could be a source of profits for oppressors as one human rights-related measure.

Concern for the Environment

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. requests that business partners minimize their negative impact on society, the environment, and resources and the safety and health of people during business activities such as production, manufacturing, and construction by business partners. As for actual measures, business partners are clearly required to promote the purchase of environment-friendly parts and materials that use less hazardous chemicals, manage industrial waste, adhere to laws, ordinances, etc., related to preventing pollution, and work to promote improvements and stratagems to reduce the environmental burden in parts production, fabrication, and construction.

Furthermore, the "Green Purchasing Survey" of business partners was conducted in 2009, which made it possible to confirm items such as ISO 14001 certification and efforts related to reducing CO2 emissions. Taking into consideration the results of the survey, the Company has certified and registered green purchasing for items it purchases, such as pumps, motors, and processing membranes.

Creation of a Public-Interest Whistle-Blowing Liaison and Helpline

Helpline pamphlet

Helpline pamphlet

Kurita Water Industries has created "Public-Interest Whistle-Blower Protection Rules" and strives to quickly discover misconduct. In accordance with these rules, an advising and reporting liaison that makes use of an independent organization was established, and not only the employees of the Company and its domestic Group companies but also temporary staff and business partners, such as outsourcing service providers, can use the liaison. A "Business Partner Helpline" was also launched so that business partners, such as subcontractors, can seek advice on issues such as concerns and worries they have about business with the Kurita Group.

Respect for Intellectual Property

The Kurita Group conducts business while respecting and being careful not to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. When using the intellectual property of others, the Company obtains appropriate licenses and demands that others respect the intellectual property rights of the Group. Companies that infringe on the intellectual property of the Kurita Group are requested to stop such behavior and encouraged to obtain permission to use the patent. Within the Group, grade-specific intellectual property training and e-learning courses are offered to encourage respect for intellectual property. In addition to courses for in-house parties, efforts targeting overseas Group companies were launched in fiscal 2015, and will continue.

Efforts Related to Worker Safety and Health for Business Partners

Liquid transfer training at Kurita Chemical Manufacturing
Liquid transfer training at Kurita Chemical Manufacturing

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and its domestic group companies undertake various activities at the plants and offices of customers in order to ensure the safety of business partners who cooperate with several types of work including the delivery of water treatment chemicals and assembly and installation of water treatment facilities.

For the water treatment chemicals business, a Safety and Health Committee was established in the Chemicals Division and business partners are provided with safety training using a Safety Management File.
Furthermore, at Kurita Chemical Manufacturing, which produces water treatment chemicals, safety training for the transfer of liquid chemical products was conducted in cooperation with logistic service providers in fiscal 2017 in order to prevent accidents when delivering chemicals.

In the water treatment facilities business, the Engineering Division conducts safety training for business partners, and training that stresses preventing chemical injuries and burns was conducted in fiscal 2017. Furthermore, for groups related to manufacturing construction and maintenance, there is a Safety Conference, which business partners can also attend. The conference consists of safety courses by outside instructors and various activities to raise safety awareness using accident examples. Similar activities are also held at overseas worksites. Through these efforts, information is shared among related parties of the safety conference, and a common awareness is fostered.