CSR InitiativesEmphasis on Safety and Quality

The Kurita Group believes that gaining the confidence of customers by providing products and services with the safety and exceptional quality that customers expect leads to the development of solid management foundations.

Health and Safety Initiatives

The Kurita Group believes that safety is an essential basis of value creation when providing customers with products, technologies and services. Kurita Water Industries Ltd. established the Headquarters Health and Safety Committee under the direct authority of the president and gave the General Manager of the Administrative Division, who is a director, overall responsibility for the Committee. Workplace safety management measures include, in the water treatment chemicals business, legal responses in outsourced construction and services, and safety management initiatives such as risk assessments in day-to-day operations and on-site tests. In the water treatment facilities business, we also work to reinforce risk prevention in accordance with the workplace safety cycle, conduct training, and perform plant worksite safety patrols. Outside experts are called in to conduct some safety patrols, and we are expanding safety initiatives to overseas worksites.

Safety Education Activities

Safety Conference conducted abroad
Safety Conference conducted abroad

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. conducts lectures on occupational health and safety taught by outside experts as well as courses for acquiring unique in-house qualifications. More than 100 educational opportunities are created annually and some 3,000 personnel attend courses. In the Facilities Division, departments involved in manufacturing, construction, and maintenance hold Safety Conferences in which cooperating companies also participate. These initiatives have been started at overseas worksites, leading to the development of a shared awareness regarding issues and countermeasures among the parties involved.

Initiatives to Improve Quality

As the Kurita Group expands its overseas business, improving quality is becoming even more important. The Kurita Group Quality Policy states that we will "speedily provide our customers with products, technologies and services that can meet their quality expectations, thereby winning their unshakable trust." We seek to enhance the quality of solutions provided to customers by working to improve both the quality provided by products and the quality provided by people from the perspective of the customer.

Quality Assurance Systems

With regard to product quality control, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has established a Quality Assurance Department in Chemicals Division and Facilities Division. These departments work on quality control from production to actual use of the product. In Japan, there are quality assurance systems based on the ISO 9001 international standard for quality management systems in place, and being worked on, in certain departments of Kurita Water Industries Ltd. related to electric power plant and in the domestic Group companies of Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Ltd., Kurita Engineering Co., Ltd., Kuritaz Co., Ltd., and Kuritec Service Co. Ltd.

Initiatives to Improve Technical Skills

Training held at T&C Support Center for overseas employees
Training held at T&C Support Center for
overseas employees

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. opened its T&C (Technical & Career) Support Center in April 2014 to perform technical training and human resource development relating to water treatment plants. The Center oversees technical and safety education and conducts training for the Group as a whole including not just employees of the domestic Group but also overseas employees. In addition to lectures held at the Head Office, the Center conducts practical skills training using actual systems and plays a role in the global expansion of the Kurita Group's safety and quality.

* This page mainly features actual initiatives taken for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016.