CSR InitiativesSound Relationship with Suppliers

The Kurita Group's business is supported by business partners in numerous fields including product manufacturing and sales. Because of this, we place particular importance on building sound relationships with business partners based on fairness, integrity, and transparency. We strive to reinforce trusting relationships that emphasize our respective independence, profits, and assets.

Basic Policies for Purchasing

In connection to purchasing within the Kurita Group in Japan, we have a basic policy of open purchases and coexistence and prosperity. We choose suppliers based on a comprehensive set of criteria, including product quality, price competitiveness, certainty of on-time delivery, management stability and green purchasing (RoHS, JGPSSI Guidelines) compliance.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Social Norms

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. requires total compliance with laws and regulations by its business partners. Laws and regulations include the Antimonopoly Act, Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors (Subcontract Act), Companies Act, Construction Business Act, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, Personal Information Protection Act, Labor Standards Act, Waste Disposal Act, and others.
We require business partners to understand our compliance measures with regard to the Subcontract Act and other laws and regulations, and we confirm the suitability of transactions by conducting questionnaire surveys. We also adopted the Public Interest Whistle-Blower Protection Rules and take measures for the early detection of improper conduct. We contracted with an outside organization to provide consultation services and receive reports regarding improper conduct and so on, and these services can be used by business partners as well. In addition, we created a supplier helpline for suppliers to consult with concerning any concerns or issues.
The fundamental policy of the internal controls system of the Kurita Group in Japan states that all officers and employees take a resolute stance against and reject all connections to antisocial elements and organizations. In terms of specific policies, we have taken steps by, for example, adding a clause to our contracts about the elimination of crime syndicates.

Consideration for Environmental Preservation

The Company's Chemicals Division checks for the presence of hazardous substances in purchased raw materials and other materials in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations.
The Company's Facilities Division established Procurement Guidelines and requires suppliers to take environmental preservation into consideration and minimize adverse impacts on society, the environment, resources, and human safety and health. Specifically, we create clear requirements to encourage the procurement of parts and raw materials with the smallest environmental impact through means such as reducing hazardous substances, manage industrial waste, comply with anti-pollution laws and regulations, and encourage improvements and innovations based on an awareness of reducing environmental impact in manufacturing and processing. We make requests to suppliers in accordance with these Guidelines pursuant to requests from customers.

Consideration for Human Rights and Occupational Health and Safety

The Company's Facilities Division requires in the Procurement Guidelines that suppliers pay appropriate wages to workers, properly manage working hours, and ensure welfare and fringe benefits. The Guidelines also require that suppliers respect fundamental human rights, eliminate harassment and discrimination based on gender, nationality, religion, race, disability, and so on, and not engage in forced labor. Suppliers are also required to evaluate workplace safety risks, prevent harmful incidents and workplace accidents, and create and maintain safe work environments.

Respect for Intellectual Property Rights

The Kurita Group respects the intellectual property rights of others, and conducts its business activities while avoiding infringing on them. We acquire licenses when using intellectual property owned by other parties, and we request that other parties respect the intellectual property rights of the Kurita Group. Businesses that infringe on the Kurita Group's intellectual property rights are required to cease the infringement, and are urged to acquire a license. In order to promote respect for intellectual property rights, we are implementing courses such as hierarchical intellectual property training and e-learning within the Group. This is not only a domestic activity but has also been expanding to overseas Group companies since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015, and will continue in the future.

* This page mainly features actual initiatives taken for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016.