Corporate Social ResponsibilityRisk Management

The Kurita Group defines a risk as any event that makes uncertain the sustainable growth and increase in corporate value of the Group. We identify risks that need to be addressed and take measures to avoid and mitigate risks in order to minimize losses and damage caused by risks.
The General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division is the responsible officer with regard to monitoring risks and implementing risk management within the Kurita Group. The General Manager regularly conducts risk analysis and evaluation, conducts ongoing monitoring, and takes steps to prevent risks from occurring. If a risk that could have a serious impact on management occurs, the General Manager formulates systems with the officials responsible for responding to the risk, obtains approval from the president, and immediately issues orders. The officials responsible for responding to the risk promptly take action and report to the president and the General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division regarding the status of the effects of the risk, remediation and measures to prevent reoccurrence.
Among serious risks, those related to compliance are the responsibility of the representative director as Compliance Committee head, while those related to health, safety and disasters are the responsibility of the Headquarters Health and Safety Committee head, with this committee. The General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division reports periodically to the Board of Directors on the status of risk management implementation and reports as necessary to the Board of Directors and the Audit & Supervisory Board on the occurrence and effects of serious risks. Monitoring of the execution status and improvement status of risk management is conducted by the Internal Auditing Department.
The general manager of each business division is responsible for responding to risks directly associated with day-to-day business operations. Also, responding to risks relating to quality, the environment, information security, export controls, and so on are handled by the respective responsible divisions.
In conjunction with the increase in risks resulting from the expansion of overseas business, the Kurita Group is currently working to reinforce its risk management, including at overseas companies added to the Group through acquisitions.

* This page mainly features actual initiatives taken for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016.