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Respect for Human Rights

Approach fowards Human Rights

The "Kurita Group Code of Conduct" stipulates all Kurita Group executives and employees must respect human rights.

Respect for Human Rights
(from the Kurita Group Code of Conduct)

  1. We will observe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We will not abuse the human rights, protected by the laws of different countries, of employees or any other persons involved in our business activities.
  2. We will not discriminate against any person based on their race, sex, religion, political opinion, nationality, social origin, disability, sexual orientation, or other characteristic in the recruitment and treatment of employees and in all business activities, including business transactions.
  3. We will not accept child labor or forced compulsory labor in any business setting. We will not do business with operators that use child labor or forced compulsory labor.

Human Rights Education

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. provides "Human Rights Training Programs" to raise employees’ awareness of human rights. In fiscal 2017, training related to power harassment was held 132 times for not only employees but also temporary staff, and 1,818 people (90%+ of targeted people) took part. Furthermore, at four domestic Group companies, the same training was held 9 times, which 116 people participated in.

The Company will continue to provide this type of training in the future.

Developing Human Resources

Human Resource Development

At Kurita Water Industries Ltd., groups responsible for training based on the training system provide human resource education to develop human resources, and in fiscal 2017, 646 people, including employees of domestic Group companies, received the training. In fiscal 2017, the Kurita Executive Development Program (KEDP) was held for the first time for local managers of overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, and 9 people at seven overseas companies took part in the training.

In addition to training by the department responsible for education, the Business Division takes the lead in conducting training that is primarily to provide knowledge and skills related to products, technologies, and services. In the Water Treatment Chemicals Group, not only Kurita Water Industries’ employees but also those of its domestic Group companies and some overseas business companies involved in the water treatment chemicals business and employees of domestic agents are provided with training related to various issues including boilers, cooling water, and communication skills, and in fiscal 2017, 274 people received the training. On the other hand, in the Water Treatment Facilities Group, the Technical & Career (T&C) Support Center, which was established to handle technical and human resource training related to water treatment plants, provides various types of training, including training so that participants can acquire knowledge of water and wastewater and improve their ultrapure water sampling skills, to Kurita Water Industries, employees involved in sales, technology, maintenance, and construction. A total of 443 people have taken this training over the years. There is also training to improve the maintenance skills of the local staff of overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, and 34 people received such training in fiscal 2017.

Self-Reporting System Launched

In order to create an environment conductive to work for employees, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. created a system so that employees can clearly express not only their thoughts on operations they are responsible for and their workplace but also their intention to develop and make use of their skills to the Company. By having superiors hold discussions with employees on various issues, including employees’ aptitude for their current work, desire for a transfer to help them build a future career, and family situation, once a year, the Company acquires an understanding of employees’ ideas and applies those to human resource training and efforts to invigorate the organization.

Providing Opportunities for Personal Development

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has established a study-abroad system to provide employees with the opportunity to study at educational institutions and research organizations both in Japan and overseas and an educational loan system to lend students who meet certain conditions educational funds in fields important for the Company. In addition to in-house training, including the "Greater Adaptability to Globalization Course" for developing human resources who can play an active role throughout the world, which includes language study, and the Technical Skills Course, a course in which top people in various technical fields pass on their knowledge as instructors, there are more than 200 correspondence courses and school-based courses so that employees can acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills.

Training Diverse Human Resources

Promoting the Active Participation of Women

At Kurita Water Industries Ltd., women tend to make up a small percentage of employees, and compared to the average for other companies, the percentages of female new graduate recruits and managers are low. The active participation of women, however, is indispensable for the Group to generate sustainable growth. Therefore, an action plan to promote the active participation of women was formulated and began being implemented in April 2016. As for concrete measures, career training for women involved in general operations was held in November 2016 (15 participated in the training), and in April 2016, leave so that employees can accompany their spouses on overseas assignments was introduced, changes were made to the period that the system of reduced working hours for raising a child can be used, and efforts to improve the convenience for users were reinforced.

As of March 31, 2017, women accounted for 12.8% of employees and 0.4% of managers.

Second Career Support System

We have a second career support system that offers preferential treatment to support employees who wish to try to work in a field different from their present one. Employees must satisfy certain conditions to qualify for this system.

Securing Employment Opportunities for Senior Personnel

In conjunction with the enforcement of the amended Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons from 2006, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has established a system to secure employment opportunities for people who have retired having reached the mandatory retirement age. These employment opportunities are offered for up to a maximum or five years from the time of mandatory retirement (60 years old) in accordance with the 2013 amendment to the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons. Between April 1, 2006 and April 1, 2017, a total of 308 retirement-age personnel secured employment opportunities. As of April 1, 2017, there are 73 retirement-age employees who have secured employment opportunities at the Company.

Employment of Personnel with Disabilities

In Japan, the Kurita Group provides a wide range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. In April 2013, With Kurita Ltd. was established with the goal of securing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. As of May of the same year, With Kurita has been approved as a special subsidiary company under the Act on Employment Promotion, etc. of Persons with Disabilities.

In 2017, the number of employees increased with the opening of a new With Kurita Ltd. office, and as of April 1, 2017, the Company’s disabled person employment rate is 2.22% .

Creating a Corporate Culture that Facilitates Work

Parental Leave and Shortened Working Hours for childcare

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has established an environment that makes it easier for employees to balance work with raising children in accordance with the Act to Promote Measures to Support Fostering the Next Generation.
In principle, employees can take childcare leave until the child reaches one year and six months of age, but the period can be extended in certain specified conditions. The program or shortened working hours for childcare was reviewed in April 2016 and changes were implemented to make it even easier for employees with multiple children to balance work with raising children.

Nursing Care Leave and Shortened Working Hours for Nursing Care

At Kurita Water Industries Ltd., employees with a family member who needs nursing care and who wishes to continue to work after taking nursing care leave, may take nursing care leave for a cumulative total of up to one year (365 days) in principle. In addition, employees may use the shortened working hours system for a cumulative total within 12 months per family member depending on the condition of the family member requiring care.

Nursing Leave System and Volunteer Leave System

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. provides leave for nursing. Employees with a child who has yet to enter elementary who needs to nurse that child because of an injury or illness can take up to five days a year of leave for one child or 10 days a year of leave for two children. In addition, there is also leave for volunteering, and employees can take up to two days of paid leave to volunteer.

Number of Employees Who Have Used the Leave System
(Cumulative total number from the fiscal years ended March 31, 2015 to 2017)

  Name of the system Number of employees who took leave
Parental leave Parental Leave System 24
Work Less Hours for Parenting System 32
Nursing care leave Nursing Care Leave System 0
Work Less Hours for Nursing Care System 0
Others Leave System Due to Spouse Being Transferred 1
Volunteer Leave System 4

Occupational Safety and Health

Structures and Policies for Health and Safety

The Kurita Group believes that safety is an essential basis of value creation when providing customers with products, technologies, and services.

As part of the establishment of its health and safety management structure, under the Headquarters Health and Safety Committee, which is a committee under the direct control of the president, each office and division of Kurita Water Industries Ltd. establishes a Health and Safety Committee while each Group company also establishes a Health and Safety Committee. This allows us to develop and enhance safe and healthy work environments. A special department has been established to promote safety within the worksite, and it plans and takes active measures to prevent work-related accidents. The department also follows up on the activities of the Health and Safety Committee.

As a policy for fiscal 2017, the Group established a goal that states, "every one of us must become more aware of the possibility of risk occurrence and fully remove any potential risks at worksites. "As such, we have endeavored to prevent work-related accidents and to promote health management.

Prevention of Work-Related Accidents

Workplace Accidents
(Kurita Water Industries and its domestic Group companies)
Workplace Accidents(Kurita Water Industries and its domestic Group companies)

The Company and its domestic Group companies create the workplace environment where construction and other work is done and focus on preventing work injuries. Taking into consideration previous work injuries, in fiscal 2017, the Company set preventing falls, chemical-related injuries, and burns as priority issues, outside experts and the Company’s Quality Assurance Department conducted safety patrols, and efforts were made to discover and eliminate risks at worksites and raise the safety awareness of employees. Furthermore, activities at worksites that handle chemical substances such as water treatment chemicals and industrial chemicals were promoted by creating an "integrated risk management system," which includes risk assessment related to chemical substances.

The Company and its domestic Group companies provide practical training for safe driving, and efforts are made to prevent traffic accidents because cars are often used when visiting the plants and offices of customers, and in fiscal 2017 emphasis was placed on preventing accidents by drivers with little driving experience.

Health Management

The Company and its domestic Group companies actively promote health management of both body and mind, to ensure that employees are able to work enthusiastically.

At Kurita Water Industries, all employees receive regular health exams, and all employees who handle items such as organic solvents and designated chemicals receive special health exams. In fiscal 2017, all employees received a regular health exam.

As for the main efforts related to reducing long work hours, there was a "no overtime day" and hours that the Company’s facilities can be used were set in July 2016, and as a result, the average per-employee overtime was reduced 1.3 hours in fiscal 2017. Furthermore, in fiscal 2017 average number of days of paid annual leave taken has 10.9 days and percentage of paid annual leave taken has become 58.2%.

Steps were also taken to prevent mental health problems, which included offering a mental health course and holding health events and other events 56 times, and 99.2% of employees conducted a "stress check," which helps people notice issues, in line with the stress check system guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as stipulated by the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Although not legally obligated to, domestic Group companies with fewer than 50 employees also conducted "stress checks."

Dialogue with Employees

Holding Town Meetings

Town meeting
Town meeting

Since October 2016, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has been holding town meetings where President Kadota and employees can directly talk to each other. For town meetings, President Kadota visits an office and then exchanges ideas with workers, including employees of the office holding the town meeting and other Japanese Group companies. Because a particular topic is not set, a wide range of topics that extend from the state of the Company and its business strategy to concerns of individual participating employees about operations are discussed as evident by the questions that have been asked, which include "what is the essence of Kurita," "what is the business strategy for the U.S.," and "how do you view the use of diverse human resources, such as women."

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. views town meetings as a venue for communication that can improve the Kurita Group, and in fiscal 2018 they will be held about once a month.

Dialogue with Labor Union

At Kurita Water Industries Ltd., efforts are made to achieve sound development and survival of the Company and to ensure a normal and fair labor-management relationship between the Company and the labor union, and both management and labor do their best to raise the economic and social position of union members and at least maintain if not improve working conditions. As for actual endeavors, the Company and the labor union have concluded a labor agreement, information on business and opinions are exchanged at various venues, including the management conference, and a dialogue between the parties is maintained.