CSR InitiativesBuilding New Relationships with Employees

The Kurita Group believes that enabling employees to choose employment styles that support self-realization according to their stage in life and the ability to work with passion are requirements for sustainable growth, and consequently, we conduct human resource development and create systems to achieve these objectives.

Developing Human Resources

The Kurita Group has traditionally recommended that employees tackle the challenges of extending their own capabilities at all stages of their careers. We strive to enable employees to grow into professionals so that they can create and develop Kurita's proprietary products, technologies and services as they find solutions to the issues facing customers and society.

Self-Reporting System

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has established a system where employees can report their preferred working style and career formation to the Company. Once a year, employees discuss the suitability of their current duties, their preferred path for the future, their family situation and more with their superiors so that the Company can understand the thinking of each individual, which is utilized in training.

Opportunities for Personal Development

In business areas where the Company has a need, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has a paid study sabbatical system that provides employees with opportunities to study at educational institutions and research institutions in Japan and overseas as well as a scholarship program that provides educational expenses to students who meet the requirements. We also conduct global training that includes language instruction with the aim of developing human resources who can function anywhere in the world as well as internal training such as specialized skills courses taught by internal instructors who are experts in various technical fields. Additionally, we offer more than 200 distance learning and classroom-based courses to enable employees to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Measures to Enhance Group Human Resource Capabilities

As the Kurita Group expands into a global business, it is necessary to enhance human resource capabilities under unified Group policies. Starting in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, a variety of educational opportunities are being provided to the human resources that will serve at the center of business operations at overseas Group companies in the future. At domestic Group companies, measures are taken to enhance human resource capabilities such as Group-wide new employee training.

Employment of Diverse Personnel

The Kurita Group seeks to employ diverse personnel with the right person in the right job so that each employee can fully exhibit their capabilities.

Measures to Promote Active Female Participation

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has traditionally had a low percentage of female employees because of the nature of its business, and the percentages of women hired as recent graduates and women in management positions are lower than the average of other companies. Despite this, the promotion of active female participation is essential for the sustainable growth of the Kurita Group. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, the Company reinforced its measures intended to increase the number of women in management positions. These measures are wide-ranging and include career development support, education and training, hiring, encouraging the taking of paid vacation time, and support for maintaining a balance between work and child raising.

Employment of Personnel with Disabilities

In Japan, the Kurita Group provides a wide range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
In April 2013, With Kurita Ltd. was established with the goal of securing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. As of May of the same year, With Kurita has been approved as a special subsidiary company under the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities.
The Company also established an internal consultation desk for persons with disabilities and is working to eliminate all barriers arising from disabilities in the workplace.
As of April 1, 2016, the disabled person employment rate is 2.1%, which surpasses the statutory employment rate (2.0%).

Second Career Support System

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has a second career support system that offers preferential treatment to support employees who wish to try to work in a different field from their present one. The employees must satisfy certain conditions to qualify for this system.

Securing Employment Opportunities for Senior Personnel

In conjunction with the enforcement of the amended Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons from 2006, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has established a system to secure employment opportunities for people who have retired having reached the mandatory retirement age. These employment opportunities are offered for up to a maximum or five years from the time of mandatory retirement (60 years old) in accordance with the 2013 amendment to the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons.
Between 2006 and April 1, 2016, a total of 298 retirementage personnel secured employment opportunities. As of April 1, 2016, there are 69 retirement-age employees who have secured employment opportunities at the Company.

Creating a Corporate Culture that Facilitates Work

The Kurita Group is taking measures to enhance systems and structures intended to support a proper work-life balance by employees and create pleasant workplaces.

Supporting a Balance between Work and Child Raising

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has established an environment that makes it easier for employees to balance work with raising children in accordance with the Act to Promote Measures to Support Fostering the Next Generation. In principle, employees can take childcare leave until the child reaches one year and six months of age, but the period can be extended in certain specified conditions. The program for shortened working hours for childcare was reviewed in April 2016 and changes were implemented to make it even easier for employees with multiple children to balance work with raising children. As of April 2016, during the past three years a total of 26 employees made use of the childcare leave program and 34 employees (including one male employee) made a total of 656 requests for shortened working hours to perform childcare.

Nursing Care Leave and Shortened Working Hours for Nursing Care

At Kurita Water Industries Ltd., employees with a family member who needs nursing care and who wishes to continue to work after taking nursing care leave, may take nursing care leave for a cumulative total of up to one year (365 days) in principle. Also, employees may use the shortened working hours system for a cumulative total within 12 months per family member depending on the condition of the family member requiring care.

Volunteer Leave System

At Kurita Water Industries Ltd., all employees are eligible to take leave for volunteer activities. Employees can take paid leave for up to two days each fiscal year for such activities.

Work Health and Safety

In accordance with laws such as the Industrial Safety and Health Act, Kurita Group companies in Japan have established health and safety rules in order to prevent employees from being harmed by occupational disasters, as well as to maintain and improve the health of employees and to promote comfortable workplace environments. We have organized a health and safety management system comprising Health and Safety committees and Health and Safety Managers. Under this system, the domestic Group works alongside partnering companies to provide health and safety education to employees and to conduct health and safety drills. We also develop work standards and provide instruction on them, and maintain and inspect employees' safety gear and other facilities to prevent accidents. The Group also examines ways to deal with disasters, discovers their causes and drafts countermeasures.
In conjunction with amendment of the Industrial Safety and Health Act in December 2015, creation of a stress check program has become mandatory by subject companies. The Company is complying with the stress check program guidelines established by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We will provide support for implementation even by Group companies with less than 50 employees, which are not required by the statute to implement such a system.

Relationship with Labor Union

In addition to securing the Company’s sound growth and continuation, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and the labor union maintain a sound and fair relationship. Labor and management each do their utmost to improve the economic and social standing of union members and to maintain and improve working conditions.

Respect for Human Rights

Kurita Group companies in Japan adopted guidelines and created a consultation desk in order to prevent various types of discrimination and harassment within the Kurita Group in Japan and strives to raise awareness of human rights issues through measures such as periodic human rights training programs.