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Kurita Group Quality Policy

The Kurita Group formulated the Kurita Group Quality Policy to raise quality by unifying the direction that the Group is moving in on the issue.

The Group promotes activities to raise quality based on this policy and works to improve the quality of solutions it provides to customers.

Kurita Group Quality Policy

The Kurita Group will speedily provide our customers with products, technologies, and services that can meet their quality expectations, thereby winning their unshakable trust.

  1. Work to improve the two kinds of quality, "quality by products" and "quality by people," from the customer’s perspective.
  2. Work to develop our capabilities on our own, aiming to become "human resources who know the work site and are able to provide customers with value."
  3. Work to develop and improve our products, technologies, and services with the aim of "improving productivity," "reducing our environmental burden," and "creating innovative energy solutions."

Quality Assurance System

Having established a Quality Assurance Group, Kurita Water Industries is working to manage quality from product production to supply. For both the water treatment chemicals business and water treatment facility business, a committee to manage the quality improvement activities of each business was established, and efforts are being made to create a system for sustained independent work to improve quality and to maintain the quality management system. Turning to particular activities, for the water treatment chemicals business, committees responsible for quality were established at Kurita Water Industries and domestic Group companies producing water treatment chemicals, and meetings are held with logistic service providers handling the Group’s water treatment chemicals.
On the other hand, for the water treatment facilities business, a cross-sectional committee composed of representatives of the various groups related to operations that extend from winning orders for to delivering water treatment facilities (e.g., sales, design, production management, and construction) was established and efforts are made to improve quality.

Control Structure of Quality Management System

Map of Quality Management System
(Kurita Water Industries Ltd. Department related to electric power plant)

Quality Improvement Activities

Conducting CS Survey

CS Survey

CS Survey

As one part of efforts to confirm progress to improve quality at Kurita Water Industries Ltd., the Customer Satisfaction (CS) survey has been conducted regularly since 1992, which makes it possible to check client’s evaluation of the Company. In fiscal 2017, responses were received from more than 600 customers, and around 70% of customers were satisfied overall with the Company. On the other hand, there were particular individual ones that the Company was harshly criticized for, and the issues that came to light from the survey are reflected in efforts to improve operations.

For the water treatment facilities business, the Kurita Water Industries’ Engineering Group continually conducts CS surveys of customers who have purchased large water treatment plants, and in the survey, customers evaluate the plant in terms of 13 items, including specification, quality, and construction management. The Group continually works to revise and improve various items, including its operations procedure manual and specification sheets, that are based on the results of the survey.

Provide Training to Improve Knowledge and Skills

In order to raise the quality of services provided to customers, Kurita Water Industries offers employees training to improve their knowledge and skills.

For the water treatment chemicals business, the Operations Division provides training to employees of not only Kurita Water Industries but also its domestic Group companies that conduct the same operations and agents. There are various kinds of training for each type of employee, including, of course, training that covers basic knowledge of water treatment chemicals but also training related to communication skills and problem solving.

For the water treatment facilities business, the Technical & Career (T&C) Support Center was established as the entity responsible for technical education and human resource education related to water treatment facilities. The center provides training to not only Kurita Water Industries and its domestic Group companies but also overseas local staff and manages technical and safety training throughout the Group.

Responding to Problems and Claims

Problems that arise at customers’ workplaces and complaints from customers are entered in the in-house "problem" database and that information is shared throughout the Company. As for problems related to the water treatment chemicals business that arise, in addition to individual responses, the "Complaint Product Committee" examines the response and develops preventive measures, and these are shared throughout the Group.

Acquisition of ISO 9001 Certification

Company name Date of registration
Kurita Water Industries Department related to electric power plant August 29, 1995
Kurita Chemical Manufacturing March 25, 1996
Kurita Engineering Head Office / Tokyo Office, etc. January 29, 1997
Kuritaz May 23, 1997
Kuritec Service Business Division, Mie Plant March 16, 2009