CSR InitiativesThe concept of CSR

The Kurita Group 21st Century Vision, which is based on our corporate philosophy and comprises the Corporate Vision, Management Guidelines, and Code of Ethical Conduct, encapsulates the dream of how we want the Kurita Group to be. We set the "accomplishment of social responsibility" as one of the six Management Guidelines in the 21st Century Vision. The Kurita Group will comply with laws and regulations in accordance with social ethics, and in all our business activities, and we will continue to build transparent and fair relationships with shareholders and investors, employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.
Furthermore, the Corporate Governance Policies adopted in October 2015 declare the importance of the rights and positions of various stakeholders. The policies are based on an awareness that collaboration with diverse stakeholders is essential when striving to carry out the corporate philosophy and seeking sustainable growth as the Kurita Group resolves issues relating to the sustainability of society and industry.

Building transparent and fair relationships with stakeholders

Shareholders and Investors

Management that respects shareholders

  • We strive to provide timely disclosure of necessary and sufficient information from the perspective of shareholders and investors.
  • We aim to maintain shareholder support through realization of capital-efficiency-focused management and appropriate shareholder returns.


Emphasis on safety and quality

  • We strive to provide our customers with excellent products, technologies and services that can meet their safety and quality expectations.

Business Partners

Sound relationship with suppliers

  • We strive to provide our customers with excellent products, technologies and services that can meet their safety and quality expectations.


Building new relationships with employees

  • We treat employees mainly according to their duties, capabilities and achievements, with the aim of promoting employees’ enthusiasm for work in the era of globalization.
  • We strive to provide a diverse range of employment styles for employees to choose from. We aim to create an enthusiastic work environment that allows employees to select a working style that enables them to draw upon their abilities and suits their qualifications and stage in life.

Natural environment and Local Communities

Activities as a good corporate citizen

  • We develop products, technologies and services that contribute to meeting global challenges such as the conservation of the natural environment and the effective use of resources; we propose and provide customers with solutions that improve the environment; and we implement initiatives and disclose outcomes for reducing the environmental impact within Kurita. We aim to achieve acknowledgement and recognition for these initiatives from involved parties and to earn enduring social trust.
  • In addition to contributing to society through business, we aim to be highly valued by society by actively using the insight and expertise built up through business to give back to society.
  • Kurita conducts business in a manner that respects biodiversity and sustainability.