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Basic Approach toward Contributions to Society

For the Kurita Group, the Kurita Group Code of Conduct stipulates that the Group not only contribute to society through its business but also actively share knowledge acquired via its business activities with society and that the Group support the voluntary activities of executives and employees that contribute to society as its basic approach toward contributions to society.

Main Activities During Fiscal 2017

Support for Disaster-Stricken Areas

Emergency water purification system "Kurita Rescue"
Emergency water purification system
"Kurita Rescue"

The Kurita Group has a policy of providing support to disaster-stricken areas when a major natural disaster occurs in a country in which the Group has a business site. In response to the Kumamoto Earthquake on April 14, 2016, the Group provided help with the reconstruction of plants that were damaged by the earthquake in response to its customers, with the Kumamoto Sales Department of the Facilities Division of the Company operating as the center for these efforts. The Kurita Group also donated ¥10 million through the Japanese Red Cross Society and supplied 12,096 liters of mineral water produced by a Group company to local governments in the disaster-stricken areas as relief aid to assist those affected by the earthquake and support recovery in the affected region.

In preparation for disasters, the Kurita Group has prepared four "Kurita Rescue", emergency water purification systems, to support areas hit by disasters, and seven car-mounted pure water devices for customers.

Clean-Up Activities Around Offices

As one part of Kurita Group’s efforts to contribute to local communities, office workers take part in clean-up activities in communities where the offices are located as volunteers.

Type Company Office Activity Number of participants
Clean-up activities in areas around offices Kurita Water Industries Kurita Global Technology Center Nogi Volunteer clean-up 122
Tohoku Office Hirose River Joint Clean-up 12
Kurita Meiki Head Office Clean-up campaign 20
San-ei Industries Iwate Business Site Beautification campaign 23
Aoi Industries Clean-up around plants 18
Kurita Water Industries (Dalian) Mt. Taihei clean-up climb 13
Clean-up activities in areas around offices in collaboration with customers Kurita Water Industries Sakai Sub-branch Green Front Sakai "Symbiotic Forest" tree planting and weeding 16
Nippon Fine Sakai Business Site
Kurita Water Industries Ishikawa Sub-branch Kawakita Clean Campaign and Tedori River Clean Campaign 5
Kurita Chemicals Oita ENEOS Forrest Activities 4

Promotion of Science and Technology Relating to Water and the Environment

Subsidy presentation ceremony in Indonesia
Subsidy presentation ceremony in Indonesia

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. established the Kurita Water and Environment Foundation in 1997 to contribute to the promotion of science and technology related to water and the environment (it was transformed into a public interest incorporated foundation in 2009). The Company and domestic Group companies make contributions to the Foundation each year to provide operating funds, and the Foundation uses these contributions as its operating expenses for research and studies relating to water and the environment as well as international exchange support.

Its main activities include publicly soliciting research applications and then provision of subsidies to domestic and overseas researchers. In fiscal 2017, subsidies were given to 125 projects, which were selected through examination. The Foundation also launched a research subsidy project in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia in fiscal 2016, with the subsidy presentation ceremony for this project being held in Indonesia in fiscal 2017. The Foundation has subsidized a total of 1,285 projects, amounting to roughly ¥642 million, since its establishment through to the end of March 2017.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of its establishment in 2017, the Foundation is planning to provide subsidies for research projects and offer scholarships for the purpose of the development of researchers in a multilayered way in Southeast Asian regions and the establishment of networks.