Request for suppliers

Request for suppliers

We would like our suppliers to understand our basic purchase policy and CSR commitments, and humbly ask for their cooperation in observing the following items.

1.Observance of laws and social norms

We ask that you observe laws and social norms concerning your business activities.
We also ask that you conduct transactions in a fair, sincere, and transparent manner.

  • Thoroughly observe related laws and ordinances (such as the Antimonopoly Act, Commercial Law, Construction Business Act, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, Personal Information Protection Law, Labor Standards Act, Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law, export regulations, and municipal ordinances).
  • Understand and cooperate with our compliance activities (such as observing the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, management of confidential information).
  • Bribery of stakeholders (illegal gifts or payment, giving and receiving ill-deserved profits either in a monetary or non-monetary form) is prohibited.

2.Consideration for human rights

We ask that you respect basic human rights in your business activities, eliminate discrimination based on traits such as gender, nationality, religion, race, or disability, and ban forced labor.

  • Ban inhumane treatment and eradicate harassment and discrimination.
  • Properly pay wages, manage working hours, and secure welfare benefits.
  • Undertake efforts to eradicate the use of conflict minerals that may be the source of profits for those who infringe on human rights.

3.Consideration for industrial health and safety

We ask that you keep your workplaces safe, clean, and healthy through your business activities.

  • Evaluate safety risks at your workplaces and prevent accidents and workplace injuries before they occur.
  • Thoroughly analyze the real reasons behind the occurrence of accidents, and conduct education and training in an effort to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents and injuries.
  • Ensure the safety and health of your facilities, manage the health of your employees, and protect them.

4.Consideration for environmental conservation

We ask that you minimize the potential adverse effects on society, environment, resources, and people’s health and safety that may result from business activities such as manufacturing, production, and construction.

  • Procure components and raw materials with a smaller environmental load, such as by reducing the use of hazardous chemical substances (green procurement), and encourage the use of these components and raw materials.
  • Observe laws and regulations concerning the management of industrial waste and prevention of pollution.
  • Facilitate improvement and exercise ingenuity with an awareness of reducing the environmental load in manufacturing, production, and construction.

5.Ensuring reliable quality

We ask that you improve your quality assurance system so that the quality of the products we offer to customers can be maintained and improved, thereby enabling us to meet customer expectations for our product quality.

  • Observe standards (such as JIS).
  • Observe customers’ standards and rules.
  • Consistently provide materials and services that satisfy our expectations in terms of specifications and quality.
  • Ensure product safety.

6.Offering competitive and reasonable prices

We ask that you offer materials and services at market-competitive prices, and consistently try to reduce prices and facilitate improvement so that our products can satisfy customers from an economic standpoint.

7.Ensuring reliable and stable deadlines and supply system

We ask that you ensure a reliable, stable, and flexible system for supplying materials and services in an effort to consistently supply our products to customers and respond to requests for changes in the quantity and/or deadline.

8.Consistent supply in contingencies such as disasters

We ask that you consistently supply materials and services and cooperate with our risk management activities in contingencies involving our company and your suppliers.

  • Cooperate with efforts to ensure a stable supply in the event of natural disasters, epidemics, fires, riots, terrorism, wars, insurgencies, or other similar circumstances.

9.Common issues

We ask that you help facilitate improvement and come up with proposals in all areas.