Our BusinessOverseas Business: Asia

Making use of the Group’s comprehensive capabilities to support business development.

In East Asia, we develop business for customers in a wide variety of industries–including electronics, automobiles, food, oil refining, and paper–in China, South Korea, Taiwan, and other markets throughout the region. In China, we support business development through three subsidiaries and affiliates that operate the water treatment chemicals, water treatment facilities, and maintenance businesses in an integrated manner. We make the most of their capabilities to solve issues in response to local water quality characteristics and meet customer needs for ultrapure water, advanced wastewater treatment, the maintenance of large plants, and the reclamation and reuse of water resources, all of which require advanced technical capabilities.
In Southeast Asia, we also work to improve the level of collaboration with overseas subsidiaries and affiliates to capitalize on their strengths throughout the Southeast Asian region. We focus on support for customers who will establish a new production base, mutually making use of the products and services of overseas subsidiaries and affiliates and their technologies and knowledge about industrial areas. In water treatment chemicals, we develop issue solving businesses in a wide range of markets, including petrochemicals, automobiles, pulp and paper, food, sugar production, and palm oil. In water treatment facilities, we work to come up with proposal activities and expand the maintenance service business from the perspective of wastewater reclamation and reuse.

Overseas Subsidiaries and Affiliates




  • P.T.Kurita Indonesia




  • Kurita-GK Vietnam Co.,LTD.



Kurita-GK Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Kurita-GK Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Kurita Water Industuries (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.

Kurita Water Industuries (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.