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In the area of oil refining, various problems arise during the process of separating petroleum products such as LPG, naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, light oils, and heavy oils from crude oils. They include impurities such as moisture, salt content, and mud contained in crude oils, problems such as the corrosion of facilities and dirt components attributable to acid and deposits arising from the application of heat that is caused by hydrocarbon, an oil component, and the deterioration of the refining efficiency of products.
Kurita Water Industries offers a variety of chemicals such as anticorrosives, anti-fouling agents , and desalination agents that can address the problems stemming from the oil refining process.

Manufacturing process and water treatment flow

An example of the oil refining process in which a variety of water treatment chemicals are used.

  1. (Note)The flow diagram above is an example. The water treatment flow and systems differ depending on the customers’ needs.