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The steel industry manufactures steel products for various applications from iron ore and ferrous scraps. During the manufacturing process, it is necessary to cool the various facilities such as the furnace body and the actual products with cooling water because heat is used in each production process. Because the heat load is very high, problems such as corrosion and the clinging of dirt components that occur in the cooling water system are also serious. To address these problems, Kurita Water Industries offers a variety of cooling water treatment chemicals and applies optimal chemicals based on the conditions of various cooling water systems in the production process.
In addition, iron ore, coal, and other raw materials piled up in stock yards generate dust, and over time the quality of these raw materials deteriorates. To address these problems, Kurita Water Industries helps to prevent the scattering of dust and ensure the quality of raw materials stacked up outside by offering coating agents designed specifically for these materials.

Manufacturing process and water treatment flow

An example of the steel manufacturing process in which optimal water treatment is provided in cooling water system.

  1. (Note)The flow diagram above is an example. The water treatment flow and systems differ depending on the customers’ needs.