Environmental ActivitiesCommunication


The Kurita Group makes strong use of communications with the participation of employees, aiming to encourage them to be more aware of environmental improvements and to stimulate activities.

The Kurita Environment Month

The Kurita Environment Month spotlights environmental activities and awareness in the workplaces and households of all Kurita Group staff members and in local communities.
It aims to build awareness to encourage activities to improve the environment. It was held for the second time in FY 2016 after being introduced in FY 2015. For a period of around one month starting from August, the Group invited experiences, eco-ideas, pictures and photos, slogans, catch phrases and poems relating to environmental improvement from Group officers, employees and temporary workers in Japan and overseas as well as from their family members.
As many as 1,040 Group employees and family members in Japan and overseas responded to the call. The responses were published on the Intranet and photos and pictures were made into a collection and distributed to those who took part. The Kurita Group will continue to hold and expand this event in the coming years.

Meeting for Discussion on Environmental Improvement Activities

At this meeting, participating members deepen their understanding of the relationship between their own duties and environmental improvement activities, reflect on what can be done as an organization to expend environmental benefits for customers or reduce their own environmental impact, and translate this into a change in behavior. The Kurita Group will continue to create and improve this kind of communication to ensure that each employee independently focuses on environmental improvement activities, and that this translates into expansion of environmental benefits for customers and improvement of its own environmental impact.