CSR InitiativesMessage from the President

President Michiya Kadota

The Kurita Group - which strives to realize its corporate philosophy through its business activities - contributes to the creation of solutions to environmental and social sustainability issues.

President Michiya Kadota


Michiya Kadota

We Contribute to the Development of a Sustainable Society and Economy by Squarely Grappling with Water and Environmental Issues.

Enterprises nowadays are expected to respond appropriately to sustainability issues, and in particular the sustainable development of society and the economy. The Kurita Group’s corporate philosophy states, "Study the properties of water, master them, and we will create an environment in which nature and man are in harmony." As a Group, we are committed to contributing to solutions that address global-scale sustainability issues related to water and the environment. I believe that our customers, business partners, shareholders, and investors set high expectations for the Kurita Group. Our stakeholders expect to see continued growth driven by our contributions to sustainability.

The Kurita Group possesses the technology, human resources, and expertise necessary to provide solutions to a diverse range of water and environmental issues. By leveraging these strengths, we are able to focus our efforts on finding solutions to such issues as sustainable use of water and energy resources, waste reduction, and enhancement of industrial productivity and product quality. Ultimately, through these activities, we will contribute to the development of a sustainable society and economy.

The Kurita Group’s Management is Conducted with a High Degree of Transparency, and Has a Strong Focus on Responding to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Issues. We Aim to Grow Enterprise Value Based on a Long-Term Perspective.

All of the Kurita Group’s corporate activities are premised on behavior that is based on legal compliance and social ethics. Furthermore, the Group responds appropriately to ESG issues. As part of this commitment, in October 2016 we established the Kurita Group Code of Conduct. As the Group expands its operations globally, this code of conduct transcends the boundaries of language, custom, and cultural circumstance to define the basic standards of conduct with which all officers and employees of the Group must comply. In addition, in April 2017 the Company abolished its Compliance Committee, and established the Environmental and Social Committee. This new committee has expanded functions covering compliance activities and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The move is aimed at strengthening measures related to compliance, social, and environmental issues.

We intend to communicate widely with customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, investors, and local communities on initiatives taken to address ESG issues. To meet our stakeholders’ expectations in our CSR activities, this year we are publishing the Kurita Group Social and Environmental Report, which develops on from our previous annual publication of the Kurita Group Environmental Report. We intent to further strengthen our CSR activities, while increasing the transparency of the Group’s management and striving to grow the Group’s enterprise value from a long-term perspective.