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Under the leadership of President Kadota, the Kurita Group has shifted away from traditional environment-centered activities to CSR activities which include social aspects. "The Environmental Report" was also changed to "the Social and Environmental Report". The stance of stressing the environment and society reflects the strong desire of top management, and these activities are expected to continue into the future.

The Kurita Group has traditionally undertaken quality environmental management and environmental information management and communication activities, and it is trying to also reinforce its management of societal issues, including human rights and contributions to society. At this time, the choice and breakdown of KPIs will be an important point. For that purpose, materiality analysis and dialogue with stakeholders will probably be effective.

The Kurita Group has undertaken a rapid global expansion over the past several years, and there has been a sudden increase in both overseas sales and overseas employees. It is important that the Group manage and communicate information not only on the environment but also on social issues, including that related to overseas. Therefore, it is vital that "Kurita CSR" activities take root in overseas group companies, just like they have in domestic group companies. To do so, international guidelines such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be used as reference.

Efforts will be made to promote both top-down and bottom-up activities, and it is hoped that this will develop in an interactive manner.

Katsuhiko Kokubu

Katsuhiko Kokubu

Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University. Appointed Dean of the Graduate School in 2014 to 2016.

Earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Osaka City University. He has served on many various governmental committees, including chair of the Committee for Research on Promotion of Development of Environmental Business and for Environmental Accounting appointed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and member of the Working Group for the Revision of the Environmental Accounting Guidelines for the Ministry of the Environment. He also chairs ISO/TC207/WG8. Professor Kokubu is a leading global expert in environmental management and accounting and in CSR management.

In Response to the Third-Party Opinion

Hirohiko Ejiri Director General Manager of Corporate Planning Division Chairperson of the E&S Committee

Hirohiko Ejiri
Director General Manager of
Corporate Planning Division
Chairperson of the E&S Committee

We would like to thank Professor Kokubu for his valuable opinions.

The Kurita Group has responded to problems related not only to environmental issues but also business continuity and is aware that there are aspects of its disclosure activities that need to be improved. The Kurita Group Environmental Report that has been released until now was revised and transformed into the Kurita Group Social and Environmental Report in order to cover overall CSR activities, including contributions to the environment, compliance, and corporate governance.

Taking into consideration international guidelines such as the SDGs, the Kurita Group will once again indicate the value it provides and responsibilities it fulfills related to society and environmental issues through its CSR Policy. In addition, we will make good use of management indicators, effectively distribute information, and promote constructive dialogue with all stakeholders.

Initiatives which address CSR issues and realizing business plans are inseparable from each other. We will strive to increase enterprise value.