The Three Aspects of Kurita’s Environmental Improvement ActivitiesCustomer Needs

Basic Approach

As for customer needs, Kurita Water Industries is working to reduce the environmental burden and neutralize hazardous materials at the plants and offices of customers through Kurita Group products, technologies and services. The Company proposes water and environment- related solutions for issues such as "improving productivity", "reducing the environmental burden,"and "conserving and generating energy," and calculates the reduced environmental burden that customers can enjoy by adopting those proposals as "environmental benefits for customers (estimate.)"

Environmental Benefits for Customers

CO2 Emissions Reduction

Fuel and electric power consumption cuts with the use of water treatment chemicals for boilers and cooling facilities, and water conservation with the use of wastewater reclamation systems

Water Savings

Waste Reduction

Reduction of sludge with the use of dehydration agents and anaerobic wastewater treatment facilities, and waste reduction with the introduction of drying machines

Reduction of Environmentally Harmful Substances

Removal of hazardous substances by the use of heavy metal stabilizers, and reduction in the use of chemicals through replacement with a regeneration type demineralizer

Wastewater Treatment

Reduction in the amount of wastewater treated by wastewater treatment systems

Remediation of Contaminated Soil

Reduction in the volume of contaminated soil and groundwater removed by excavation or treated by in-situ purification

Air Pollutant Treatment

Exhaust gas including odorous components treated with catalytic cracker