The Three Aspects of Kurita’s Environmental Improvement ActivitiesTechnological Innovation

Basic Approach

As for technological innovation, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. strives to contribute to creating a sustainable society by developing new products and technologies to respond to various environmental issues that are difficult to solve with existing technologies. New products and technologies developed in fiscal 2017 are discussed here.

Development Success for Fiscal 2017

Fiscal 2017 new products and technologies that contribute to a better environment

New products and technologies Improvement targets
Energy Waste Substances of environmental concern Water pollutants
Water treatment chemicals for industrial power boilers that use materials that do not fall under the PRTR *1 Law    
Solid chemicals for small cooling water tanks that is effective for removing Legionella bacteria, inhibiting corrosion, and preventing scale      
Sludge dehydrating water treatment agent for sludge that is difficult to dehydrate      
Dehydrating agent for slurry generated during underground tunnel construction    
Water treatment chemicals for large seawater desalination plants to inhibit pollution deriving from microorganisms      
Compact wastewater reclamation technology compatible with diverse water qualities    
Wet-type methane fermentation system for low-energy, low-waste biogas power generation using ANAMMOX *2 (anaerobic ammonium oxidation) bacteria  
Tools that help minimize water and heat usage in LCD and semiconductor manufacturing processes  
Tools that support proposals to reduce environmental burden in water treatment facilities  
  • *1Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) : A system for registering the amount of pollutants released and transferred.
  • *2ANAMMOX bacteria : Microorganisms that breakdown ammonia from nitrous acid to nitrogen gas.


DReeM Polymer TM Awarded the Environmental Technology Award for the 49th JCIA Technology Award

In May 2017, Kurita Water Industries’ multi-functional polymer material DReeM PolymerTM was awarded the Environmental Technology Award at the "49th JCIA Technology Award" sponsored by the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA). DReeM PolymerTM is a revolutionary water treatment chemical material that not only has a dispersion effect that prevents deposits such as calcium, silica, etc., present in boiler water attaching to the interior of boilers as scales* but also removes scales that have accumulated. Using the chemical makes it possible to dramatically cut CO2 emissions due to reduced boiler fuel use because it not only maintains heat conductivity by removing scales but also makes it possible to reuse water condensed from boiler steam that contains scales as boiler water. The award was given because both the environmental benefit and contribution to advances in science and technology were highly praised.

  • *Scales : Deposits of materials such as calcium and silica contained in water on the interior of boilers. They dramatically reduce heat conduction and results in lower fuel efficiency and durability of the boiler.