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Promotion System

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and its domestic Group companies coordinate work within Japan to improve the environment through the E&S Committee, which is directly under the president and chaired by a director, and the Group E&S Committee, chaired by the same director and composed of representatives of domestic Group companies. The Environmental Improvement Activity Promotion Meeting, a subordinate body of the E&S Committee, checks the progress for both production sites and non-production sites* twice a year in order to implement the better environmental plans set by each company.

  • *See this page for definitions of production and non-production sites.

Enviromental Improvement Promotion System

Adhering to Environment -Related Laws and Ordinances

Kurita Water Industries Ltd., and its domestic Group companies check the state of compliance with environmentrelated laws and ordinances at each facility through self-checks by the responsible party at the particular facility and on-site inspections of sampled facilities by the E&S Committee Secretariat. In fiscal 2017, there were no major corrections that resulted in a suspension of operation or environmental pollutants. On the other hand, for offices, mainly sales offices with few staff, multiple problems, such as signs not being posted at waste material collection sites and on-site checks not being made at interim processing facilities of waste material service providers, were confirmed, and corrective measures were implemented.
In addition, for washing facilities used for analysis, it was confirmed through a self-check that there were cases when it was necessary to register as a designated facility under the Water Pollution Prevention Act; therefore, the necessary steps were taken, and it was decided to add this to self-checks in the future. Inquiries were made to the responsible authorities of prefectures where worksites with washing facilities are located, and it was confirmed that there were no violations of laws, ordinances, etc.

Efforts to Improve Environmental Awareness

Some of the submitted items

Some of the submitted items

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. and its domestic Group companies undertake various efforts to raise the environmental awareness of employees. In fiscal 2017, Kurita Water Industries distributed to all employees an explanatory pamphlet on issues such as why the Company undertakes environment improvement activities, details of these activities, and other basic information, including activity rules and policies, and the understanding of employees was checked through an e-learning program.
Furthermore, both the Company and its domestic Group companies conduct e-learning related to environmental laws and hold participationtype "Environmental Months" during which experiences and ideas related to better environment activities are solicited from executives, employees, and temporary staff both in Japan and overseas. In fiscal 2017, more than 1,200 people submitted items, which were compiled into a pamphlet, and the pamphlet was presented to people who had submitted items.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

One better environment activity undertaken by Kurita Water Industries and its domestic Group companies is offices that have a heavy environmental burden become ISO14001 certified and then operate in line with that management system.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

Company name Plant name Date of registration Percent of fiscal 2017 environmental burden for certified offices and the Company
CO2 emissions Waste generation
Kurita Water Industries Shizuoka, Yamaguchi, Toyoura, and Tsuruga Plant July 1, 1998 43.7% 96.0%
Kameyama Sub-branch October 12, 2004
Sakai Sub-branch March 18, 2011
Kurita Chemical Manufacturing Head Office, Ako Sub-branch March 24, 1997
Kurita Buil-Tech March 25, 2002
Kuritaz February 25, 2000
Kuritec Service February 14, 2003